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things made overseas that are cheapest to buy in the US

Things that are made overseas because American business owners outsourced the manufacturing jobs to the countries with the cheapest labour (and also the least worker protections)?

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Ride-hailing company Uber is slamming the British Columbia government's decision to impose minimum wages and basic labour protections for gig workers,

Uber can get fucked.

If you can't figure out how to pay your workers properly, and follow the law on "basic labour protections", you don't deserve to be in business.

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That's so bizarre.

In my country, only police can look up a licence plate, and only on official business - cops have lost their jobs for looking up friends, family and ex-girlfriend's licenses.

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“My whole life is destroyed,” he told the court. “Everything that was important to me up until that point is gone.”

Welcome to the consequences of your own actions, dumbass.

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You could see just what you wanted to see.

That's not my experience. I never wanted to see rightwing conspiracy crap, but I wasn't able to avoid it crowding my feed until I avoided Twitter entirely.

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Counterpoint, no rights are absolute. There are conditions and restrictions on every "fundamental constitutional right."

Further to that point, rights come with responsibilities. If you are going to forfeit those responsibilities to society then you are going to also forfeit some of the associated rights granted by society.

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foreign money hoping to tank a liberal platform.

Since when was twitter a "liberal platform"?

The rightwingnuts have been running rampant over there for as long as I can remember.

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The Rambo fantasy kills another innocent kid.

And also, very likely, traumatized multiple others who just witnessed a couple of teenagers get shot and killed.

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I'm not willing to blame Biden for Netanyahu's crimes.

There is no president in my lifetime that would have treated Israel signifigantly less kindly than the current administration has.

Lesser of two evils, right?

Yes, actually. Trump absolutely would have continued sucking up to the Israeligovernment, rather than attempting to have the combatants negotiate a cease fire.

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It was made within the last two decades

In that case, destroy it and drop it into a scrap metal recycling bin.

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would you really not vote for him if he was the Dem nominee?

Absolutely. I prefer my lawmakers to not be convicted criminals.

Though, if your hypothetical had both candidates being convicted criminals, then I'd have to look closer at the alternatives, as well as examine how damaging the 2 criminals are likely to be going forward, shoukd they gain power.

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I think nationalizing the industry is a far better state than what we have now

You may recall that was attempted in small part with the creation of Petro Canada.

And that it was subsequently privatized by a subsequent conservative government.

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15th Progressive Conservative legislature member announces she won't run again

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The trend isn't confined to the Bow Valley or even to Alberta. The federal government has temporarily eased limits on how many temporary foreign workers a business can hire in low-wage positions, and employers across Canada have increasingly made use of the program.

Stanley Cup (lemmy.ca)
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So... who do you want to win the cup? Paul Maurice, after bailing out on us? Or Vegas, so we can say "at least we lost to the hardest team to beat"?

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