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I ll start : I have been following a pretty known tech/Linux journalist, and always found he is a fun dude to listen to, with interesting tech takes

The fact that he is also very openly "american conservative" (aka, religious & weapon nut, anti abortion, etc) annoys me, but i keep those things separate. And he does keep it separate too (politics channel vs tech channel), which is a great decision.

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"Artificial intelligence: your next competitor is a Centaur"

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This is hilarious to read from outside, but I am definitely not speaking like this to my colleagues

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Comments are no longer loading, deactivating adblock makes everything normal

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We can criticize Israel, while condemning Hamas terrorists

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If the target audience could read, they d be very upset

What is "FUD"? (self.nostupidquestions)
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People use it like everyone fucking has the innate knowledge of every acronym out there

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N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is a ~~harmless~~ (EDIT: please check at least https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acetylcysteine for possible side effects) compound which protects your liver, you can buy after searching like for 10 seconds

I ve been taking it for a week (1 pill, 600mg per day) before noticing that drinking doesn't do anything. Went to a party, drank 3 pints of beer, one after another, with absolutely zero effect. Usually, just 1 pint is enough to get socially talkative, 3 pints of beer i am supposed to be very obviously drunk.

Another time, drank a third of a bottle of wine (at my place, so it cannot possibly be watered down), the only effect was nausea (which never happened before), again, zero drunk-ness effect.

Now, depending on people that anti-alcohol protection might be an advantage or drawback. I just found it interesting, so sharing here

Edit: as one comment points out: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30019966/

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Quetiapine 50mg, twice per day. Increase dosage if voices persist

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That's a lazy solution without installing Peertube/Piped/Invidious etc,,

Piped/Invidious (self.selfhosted)
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In the lght of recent events (gloogel complaining about uBlock) I tried to investigate other available options out there. While Piped.video definitely works, it looks like it is only fluid for popular videos, and as soon as I want to watch something a little more obscure, it is basically impossible, I have infinite wheel spinning.

Have anyone here tried self hosting Piped/ Invidious, and could share a feedback about performance /usability ?

Fresh water, anyone? (self.asklemmy)
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The following activities:

  • Visiting a new place, making new encounters and otherwise having a memorable day
  • Kissing a girl you I never kissed before
  • yeah orgasm too

All produce kinda the same feeling of drinking a glass of fresh, delicious water on a long, hot day

I had this feeling so many times, and wondering how many people think the same?

Some other clues which indicates I am not totally insane

  • in english, men are "thirsty"
  • in french, women are "fresh"
  • .. ?
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I am glad to announce you guys that number of tankies here is below 4% according to up/downvotes

It's low enough to know them by their usernames and shame them every time they post something

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Being on OF definitely doesn't grand the right to pull over drivers! Being a cop however, does..

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How do you call in English (self.nostupidquestions)
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Imagine an XL table:

_ A B
X 1 2
Y 3 4

If "A" and "B" are called "headers" what do you call "X" and "Y"?

EDIT: thanks everyone, i ll go with "row headers" as opposed to "column headers"

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«Did you forgot to pay current month Light Subscription? We value your privacy. Please click here to renew your Light Subscription»

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I just can't, and sadly it's worst in Linux community. Like dude's face hair makes him look 45, but no, he does a desktop with a cringy looking 15 old anime girl. (That, on top of hiz annoyingly high pitched voice but whatever) I just stop watching the video on the spot, it's beyond dumb.

The stupid NSFW tag on Lemmy? I turned it ON to occasionally see boobs, not some drawn pictures of underage kiddo, this pisses me off so much, JUST FCKING STAHP with this shit.

I have an impression suddenly, in a span of 2 years everyone started to jerk off on that bullshit and are proud to show it

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Your houses seem to be made out of paper. Then you complain about strong winds..

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Realised it this morning

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That's 30% less downloads, not 30% less traffic . I am not sure how that translates to current users.

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Unfortunately vatniks are too dumb to acknowledge that milk went bad, and will continue to drink it like nothing happened

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I am mildly in favor of that. Kids can't decide what to wear it's their parents who do.

This will simply reduce the artificial divide between those wear that type of stuff and who doesn't.

I also don't believe it's a freedom endangering, because they're aren't spontaneously people wearing abayas or burka or whatever just for the pleasure of it, I interpret the fact of wearing it as religious propaganda and artificial separation.

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