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[-] jukibom 5 points 1 day ago

I just love pausing my zombie shooting game to make a card deck

[-] jukibom 141 points 2 weeks ago

I would've absolutely paid more attention in maths if the learning material was this utterly contemptuous of "ordinary mathematicians" haha

also full Project Gutenberg text is here, thanks for sharing!

[-] jukibom 5 points 1 month ago

... I should get checked out 🙃

[-] jukibom 3 points 1 month ago

Yeah it's just brutal even for the time and pretty agonising to watch. I don't know how it even got past the concept stages tbh.

[-] jukibom 96 points 1 month ago

Fucking stupid timeline we're trapped in

[-] jukibom 8 points 1 month ago

God right? That and profit and lace are absolutely awful

[-] jukibom 2 points 1 month ago

Probably because it's mostly just a QoL update which also restricts people to one family group - which was always the intention but it closes a loophole where person A could share with person B and B could separately share their library with person C unless all three are in the same family group and geo location. Plus there's now a year penalty to switch family group or refill a slot that has been vacated so you really have to commit to it. In many ways it's more restrictive than before, albeit better for the intended use case.

I'm a little bit sad because I shared my library with my brother and niece in other countries in Europe and that's no longer doable. Ah well

[-] jukibom 4 points 2 months ago

Finally getting around to playing Disco Elysium. I know I'm late to the party but holy cow what a trip

[-] jukibom 38 points 3 months ago

I'm the opposite because I've had nothing but bad luck with docker. I should really spend more time with it but ugh

[-] jukibom 11 points 3 months ago

Starfield. Such a sad shitstorm

[-] jukibom 13 points 3 months ago* (last edited 3 months ago)

Debugging (without a MacBook). Webgl 2. WebXR. Local storage not being completely gimped. I'm glad I don't work in that industry anymore, Safari was the bane of my existence...

Good web standards are a threat to the app store (particularly anything to do with ARKit) - not like 3rd party browsers are likely to change that much with the majority of users sticking to defaults, but it might apply some pressure

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submitted 11 months ago by jukibom to c/[email protected]

Not really specific to Unity but a good tool to have in your toolbox nevertheless. The real-time preview is especially helpful!

submitted 11 months ago by jukibom to c/[email protected]

I came across this MIT licensed tool while researching the URP decal projector for a few things. If your decals are completely static after creation, this tool can asynchronously generate a mesh matching the projection. As mentioned in the repo, you can combine it with the URP projection for a real time "preview" and disable it on mesh creation.

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