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What's the college one mean?

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I did an honors math+cs degree. I'm pretty good at advanced math. I never learned long division. Don't feel bad about that.

(In case any other mathy people read this and wonder how I could understand ring theory without Euclid's division algorithm, relax)

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I have never played genshin impact and I object fundamentally to gatcha games. But I like video games a lot. Should I watch?

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That's what I meant, yes. They're not built based on any linguistic field

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Thank you for explaining that. I didn't understand the need to use drinking water.

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This may be true of chopping down forests or mining coal. But we can use nuclear power. And the earth has plenty of water -- does chatgpt need clean drinking water specifically?

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Transformers are not built with our knowledge of language. That's a gross approximation -- it would honestly be more accurate to say they're modelled after the human brain than that they're built with our understanding of language. A big problem is that the connection between AI and language is poorly understood -- we can't even understand what the word2vec axes are.

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The concerning thing is, wouldn't this affect yt dlp too?

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Ehh, I mean, it's not really surprising it knows how to lie and will do so when asked to lie to someone as in this example (it was prompted not to reveal that it is a robot). It can see lies in its training data, after all. This is no more surprising than "GPT can write code."

I don't think GPT4 is skynet material. But maybe GPT7 will be, with the right direction. Slim possibility but it's a real concern.

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Steam, with its regular 80% off sales?

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Make it 20. 10 is too obvious a slight to any onlooker. 20 still won't cover most mains post-covid after tax and tip (depends on your region and the restaurant of course).

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In a poll on hexbear (see link), it was observed that there are very few cis women on Lemmy. I think this is the intersection of several problems:

  • engagement of women on Reddit was always low
  • fewer women in computer science
  • I'm hesitant to recommend anything fediversy to people who don't tinker with computers like I do and thus might need a more handholdy UX.

I gather that transgender people tend to be more into CS, though I don't see why that explains entirely such an astonishing presence of the transgender community on Hexbear.

Anyway, I just thought I'd open the floor to brainstorming.

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The fool jingled miserably across the floor

(Art by canisbeans. Text exerpt from Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett.)

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Safety tips:

  • Only use special eclipse glasses; regular sunglasses aren't safe
  • Wait for 100% totality before taking off your eclipse glasses. (If you don't have eclipse glasses, wait for totality before looking at all)
  • Have a timer prepared on your phone set to the duration of the eclipse at your location, so you know when to put your glasses back on.
  • When the sun is mostly (but not fully) eclipsed, it will likely not feel painful to look at it, but it will still damage your eyes permanently.
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