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Thanks for the update!

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Co-op delivery company in the works?!

Great on Tony, doing the damn thing!


A cooperative, or co-op, is an organization owned and controlled by the people who use the products or services the business produces. Cooperatives differ from other forms of businesses because they operate more for the benefit of members, rather than to earn profits for investors.

Co-ops are organized to provide competition, improve bargaining power, reduce costs, expand new and existing market opportunities, improve product or service quality, and obtain unavailable products or services (products or services that profit-driven companies don’t offer because they see them as unprofitable).

Cooperatives present lots of opportunities for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. In this post, I’ll go over how cooperatives work, why you should form one, and how you can start one for your business.

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Thank you for explaining this!

I have learned a bit...

Nice post.

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Three-way race has been called out for past couple of weeks by independent voices on YT.

In a warning sign for Democrats, Kennedy was the leading choice for young voters, aged 18-34, in the poll’s surveyed population — 38 percent of whom chose the environmental lawyer. From the same age group, 32 percent picked Biden and 27 percent went for Trump.

People on the left stopped supporting RFK Jr. when it came to the Palestine, but he does take people from Trump/Biden.

One year out so lots of things can change.

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Reminds me of this random vid. on farts:

Monty Python - I Fart in your General Direction [0:15]


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Oh no...

Why would they do this to themselves?! Why?!

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Dots are better than spaces.

Tab vs. spaces, spaces.


edit: correct yt link, info of video on Nov 4, 2023

Internet Anarchist made video before, talks more on Jacksfilms:

The Satisfying Downfall of SSSniperWolf [22:54 | Nov 4, 2023 | Internet Anarchist] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7YtrRRccC0

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