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That’s a fair point, I don’t want my info given to every private company out there. However the idea of the biometrics (if you take it at face value [no pun intended]) is that the biometrics are stored on the chip in your device. Then the password or authorization is then granted based on approval from that.

It’s not like you can grab another phone and try to log into said service with your biometrics.

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Well it’s true. Those are The Doctors hands and arms.

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Cool. We need more states to do this. Cops do have a lot of laws and rules they need to know but a one hour class seems like it can’t hurt.

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Not sure about Android but IOS you can actually use FaceID for all the things you want like password managers, log into PayPal, and other biometric features but have it disabled to unlock the phone. It’s what I do, you don’t need to spam anything. Just use a pin to unlock.

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“Nerds for lifting” I fucking love that and feel that.

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A last will and testament is a legal document if actually executed properly that would cover this. This is all they are talking about. Either that or if no will exists then a court order that shows “said person” gets the inheritance and your GOG account.

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Even with a “clean” record they still shouldn’t get their guns back. Ignoring all second amendment arguments just look at how they are holding their guns in the main picture. They are in no way trained or even given half assed knowledge in how to hold a fire arm.

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With absolute honesty, I have to say I’ve not read the article just the headline and the first paragraph.

I know far too many servicemen and servicewomen who came out mentally and physically damaged while watching their peers die. (It sucks but this day is to recognize and honor that)

A good portion of them will agree with you on principal. They are the same people that will say this day is about those they lost who are not military in service to our country as well as those were military.

If you’re in a hostile situation and you have your teams back, you have your teams back. It doesn’t matter what your role is.

If your argument is to include people who are not in the line of fire, or are in a hostile area, this is not the day to make that argument. That comes off incredibly tasteless and insulting to those who are struggling with survivors guilt, 10, 20 and even 30 years after the fact.

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I hate you and the 8 legged spider you rode in on. I am going to have unreasonable nightmares tonight.

Take my upvote.

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Darwin Award

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For all those who did not read or at least skim the article. FlyingSquirrel is referencing Trumps claims that the FBI was authorized to use deadly force when conducting their UnCoNsTiTuTiOnAl raid.

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