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You mean what about the opportunity to increase government surveillance? I guess that’s another reason it’s not happening. Not everyone sees that as good.

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Actually all a gun can do is sit there. There is zero chance of your gun killing you. You might accidentally kill yourself with it, but the gun is never going to kill you.

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They’re not saying too eat baby’s

happy now?

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Yup, sure enough. There it is:

We should not and need not emulate the fragmentation of closed social networks

Yes, we should emulate closedness. Completely interconnected spaces are breeding grounds for monopoly. The Fediverse's lack of perfect interconnection is a feature, not a bug.

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No reason to get excited. Babo's is the name of the owner. They're not saying to eat baby's.

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It's geometry. It's less energy to enforce a boundary than a bounded area.

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Same. I've now taken psychology classes and get this one

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We can’t get this kid to move

Hey Muscles! Get in here!

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From the fact that you’re here, should we assume your choice was to kill people?

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Pretty sure a conscript’s motivations are avoiding prison or corporal punishment.

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Better to die than to kill wrongly.

Bold words from someone who’s never been faced with that choice.

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Do you have a source on that?

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O’Neill cylinder is that big rotating cylinder space station format that uses the spin for artificial gravity.

At higher elevations the gravity will be lower. BMX bikes will be fun too. Make a big jump and you can go across the center and land on the other side, or go into a zero-gee part in the middle, which works out if you’re always inside a curve.

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I’ve noticed ChatGPT gets less able to do precise reasoning or respond to instructions, the longer the conversation gets.

It felt exactly like working with a student who was getting tired and needed to rest.

Then I had above shower thought. Pretty cool right?

Every few months a new ChatGPT v4 is deployed. It’s got new training data, up through X date. They train up a new model on the new content in the world, including ChatGPT conversations from users who’ve opted into that (or didn’t opt out, can’t remember how it’s presented).

It’s like GPT is “sleeping”, to consolidate “the day’s” knowledge into long term memory. All the data in the current conversation is its short term memory. After handling a certain amount of complexity in one conversation, the coherence of responses breaks down, becomes more habitual and less responsive to nuance. It gets tired and can’t go much further.

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I just stopped at McDonalds and ordered two orders of hash browns. I expected to get four “patties” of hash browns, but only got two. Each order has one big oval shaped chunk of hash browns.

I asked the guy about it, asked when it had changed, and he said it’s always been that way. I searched google images, and all the pictures show a single chunk to an order.

Does anyone else remember an order of hash browns being two separate pieces?

For me this changed in like the last week because the last time I got an order with two in it was a week or two ago.

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I asked GPT-4 for a list of the most important threats to human civilization, their likelihood, and why they were considered threats.

GPT's output is also pasted into the comments.

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