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Some that might not have been mentioned:

Will Wight the Cradle series. Kinda silly but definitely fun.

Julian May the Pleiocene Saga. One of my favorites. Written in the 90s so... Not current but still good.

Mark Lawrence - enjoying most of his books. The Impossible Times trilogy is certainly fun.

Richard Morgan used to be one of my favorites until Netflix ruined the Takeshi Kovacs books.

Again with the older authors: Philip K. Dick (everything). Vonnegut (most, but not the last few books) Gene Wolfe books of the new sun cycle, 12 books if you consider the books of the long sun/short sun. Kinda surreal but hypnotic and addicting. Strugatsky, Roadside Picnic. A classic. Ursula K. Leguin, most of her titles - not as easily read -as there is an emotional level that needs to be absorbed. The Books of Earthsea and the Dispossessed are absolute master level writing.

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Much appreciated. Great article.

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Please stop posting "the daily beast" it has a paywall and is unreadable. The exception is if you provide an archive.ph link or post the entire text. Anything else is a bit lazy imo.

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And yet the Ukraine forces are successful! I heard they developed new technology called bridges and boats.

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Raise enlisted pay and I am certain that the next generation will stand up.

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Try archive.ph

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I thought my tires were fine until I jumped something small, a tire popped, and I fell hard. Afterwards , while healing, I thought to myself - how much is my health worth? I now check my tires regularly and replace my tires more often. 😬

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Thank you. Thats a good start.

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An off subject question for the mods. Could we have subjects that can be subscribed to placed into broad categories? I would like to view "all" while never seeing either foreign language or sports. It would be much easier to block "sports" or "not english" for example.

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Why is this news worthy? Happens all the time. Even happans when there is regular watering. Seems that in a typical weather period in Portland it wouldn't be necessary to manually water the trees, rain would be enough. Absolutely not news worthy unless you are trying to hate on Portland.

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Ain't no woman like a one-eyed dog. Sooo catchy.

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