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This is the right answer. You're hot end is pulling tight and causing this skew.

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Air Gradient. I bought their DIY kit.

Cheers, Henry.

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Twitter just locked down, need an account to even view now. Reddit is filled with bots spamming posts from 5 years ago. People are flocking to wall-gardens like discord.

Might be the decline of the internet 🤷

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3000hrs straight usage? That's impressive.

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This guy hyperboloids.

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Hard Drivin'?

I want one of the stick shift arcade machines so bad.


I'd like to help increase engagement here. I can tell we have tons of smart people subscribed to help the community with technical issues and the likes. So I'm thinking maybe we should have a game or computer of the month. Talk about what you have, what you're playing or maybe programming on.

What is everyone's thoughts?

Cheers Henry

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Yeah I figured the screen was just tx ing M commands to marlin, same as most I suppose.

Can you link to which firmware you're using? There are so many floating around. I do plan on setting up an ESP3D like all my other printers to link my octoprint server, it's running ~6 containers for each printer communicating via wifi and ESP3D.

Thanks for the hope!

Cheers Henry

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I haven't had much issue with running Marlin 2.x on Crealitys 8 bits. Of course I stripped out stupid stuff and enabled things like arc and bltouch. It runs totally fine. It's the lack of storage that was the issue.

With that said storage isn't so much of an issue with the Mega(atmega2560), the real issue lays with AnyCubic and the mishmash they called TriGorilla.


Cheers Henry

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Well, duh. That just means that 93-84% of Redditors are bots. Bots didn't know there was a shutdown, so those bots kept slamming reddit. So with that data I now can assume Reddit was only 7-16% human.

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Hey thanks. I was looking at the makerbase boards, good pricing and features!

Cheers Henry

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Yeah the issue is AnyCubic seems to have dropped support for this board and any configs online are done by the community. But all of them are guessing the config because AnyCubic didn't release any code or examples. Very annoying.


Hey everyone,

I just grabbed an AnyCubic 4Max Pro for insanely cheap. I had to swap out the hot end, it was bent. It seems the last owner had the Z limit switch incorrectly set so it was crashing.

So far it's printing fairly well. I need to do all the calibration and such, but for 'out of the box' it seems to be alright.

I've been reading up on the hardware itself and it seems to be fairly crippled due to the board AnyCubic used. An 8 bit board based on the Arduino Mega. I've see lots of pre-conpiled firmware for Marlin 2.0.x but they're usually filled with even more bugs than they solved. The board is called TriGorilla? Honestly I'm use to BTT and Crealitys boards.

Has anyone done a board swap on this? I saw the LCD is a hack job by AnyCubic since Marlin, maybe at the time?, Didn't support DWIN touch screens. I'd like to keep the stepper drivers, so maybe a board that has removable?

Thanks Henry


Hey everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe.

I'm hoping I can rally some help with this Retro Computers Lemmy. Maybe 2 more mods to help?

Message me or leave a reply!

Cheers Henry

Me checking out the MST3K Lemmy (64.media.tumblr.com)
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Pretty nice.


Was using the bottle that came with my Creality Halot One, it was flesh colored. Tried a test with the basic AnyCubic. Came out better than the Creality by far.

Bottom Layer: 27S Layers: 3.5S

Going to start bringing in these settings.

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So I want to use my Plus/4 but I don't want to kill it. I've read/heard that the Plus/4 will eventually off itself, the TED will die(?) So I'm scared to use the damn thing.

I got a bunch of tapes I want to play, but I don't want to damage the thing. What's the approach to ensure I don't cook the TED from just using it?

PS: Not power supply related. I have a Ray Carlsen multi PSU.


Still going through my included bottle of resin, they sent me flesh color. This is my first venture into resin printing. Ive been FDM printing for years now, have a few Ender 3s.

Waiting on a new bottle of AnyCubic's HD grey :)


My bones hurt.

Welcome! (lemmy.world)
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Hi everyone,

I created Retro Computers to help grow a community here on Lemmy. I am excited to be part of a new growth and also a bit sad to see Reddit fall. I hope everyone enjoys their stay!

  • Henry
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