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This sounds like a great spot for scammers to flood for maximum visabilty. It'll be too much effort to moderate, so creators will just disable them (if they can) or this will be shut down in about (checks YouTube's history of dealling with scammers) 3.5 years.

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Would a compromise be to simply archive them but not make them freely availible until they enter public domain.

For more current book; if they are out of print then they can be made availbe for limited loan, like any other digital library. If a digital copy is avalible for purchase from the original publisher/author, than its not fair game. Unless they come to an agreement, perhaps add supported for freely accessing a book otherwise available for purchase.

If they got rid of the download option, it would make it much more difficult to just use a DRM stripping tool (a friend told me about these terrible pirating tools, I certently don't know how to use then). A lot of digital libraies have a dedicated app that you can only view content from. Utilize whatever anti-screen capture systems banks and Netflix use to protect from simply taking screen shots. Make is easier to access the books legitimatly than it is to pirate them.

Lastly, don't just make everything freely availible next time there's a world crisis.

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All the time, although nothing this complicated.

Find X in this formula... okay, I'll just put in the 4 choices and see which one works.

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The salary of their coaches alone could probably pay the whole team a decent wage.

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Do you pronounce Ginny like gif or gif?

It took a long time for me to realize its basically Jenny prounced a bit different.

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That I don't. But look up wages for the American football and basketball players and coaches.

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Right = correct

"The correct side is up"

I agree, English is a mess.

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Remote software repairs are definatly good, pretty cool and worth bragging about. If you have to do a physical repair, you're probably better off just sending a new probe [citation needed], but as I said the time investment is huge.

It is a legitimate question, however the way it was asked has a negative vibe, intentional or not. You pretty much gave a good option and bad option and said "pick one" - generally when that's asked, we assume the asker assumes the negative is true (it's hard to explain). To me, it could be interpreted as "just curious, I assume this probe is only taking pretty pictures, so why do you bother repairing it?".

Personally, I've been trying to avoid jumping to those types of conclusions, but its not easy. Text has no tone, and phrases sometimes have a secondary tonal meanings that people will insert. "Just curious....was it you that didn't refill the coffee machine this morning?"

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Yes the data is valuable for research. You and I may not understand any of it, but its useful to someone. As for repairing from a distance, that thing has been traveling for 46 years and gone far. For reference, it passed Neptune back in 1989.

It would take many years for a new probe to reach those distances, so if it can be repaired, it shall.


Hypothetically, lets say it only takes 30 years for a new probe with updated tech to reach where Voyager 2 is now. If V2 died today, thats half of someone's career spent waiting for the new probe to arrive. Multiply that by everyone using the probe for research and you have a ton of wasted potential.

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But how will all those people survive with out their million dollar salaries????

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I'm going to copy paste a reply I left somewhere else. This was for iOS AI, I'm unsure what the implemention for macOS is. If they are scanning everything then I do not support it.

From what I saw,

MS Recall is a 24/7 AI monitor system that captures everything you look at and saves it for later. They didn't even do the bare minimum for protecting the data, it was just dumped in an unencytped folder where anyone get wholesale access to the data. All trust has been lost.

Apple is using AI as a tool to improve specific tasks/features that a user invokes. Things like assistant queries and the new calculator. They have said some promising things in regards to privacy, specificly with the use of ChatGPT - any inquiry sent to ChatGPT will ask the user permission first and obscure their IP. This shows they care enough to try, they have not lost our trust - but we remain skeptical.

If apple tries the same thing by scanning everything wholesale, then that's getting over shadowed by the promises made by the implentaion on the much more popular iOS.

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I would not consider my self a "conservative" and definatly don't associate with all the baggage that come with the word now, but I don't consider myself republican or democratic either. Some can probably sort me in to a category, and thats okay, have fun.

I will support everyone living their best life as long as it doesn't disrupt others from living their life. Overall I try to support policy that will benefit society and indivules as whole while respecting individuals freedoms.

Here's some hot takes that will probably upset all kinds of people. These are poorly witten generalization of what goes on in my head. I do try to keep open mindied to other opinions and perspectives.

  • LGBTQ+ - I fully support you, 99% of you are great, but the 1% on scocial media needs to stop throwing a tantrum whenever a stranger mistakenly misgenders you. It makes the 99% look bad. (hartasment/bulling not okay - If some jerk insists on calling someone ~~who appears to have fully transitioned~~ the wrong pronouns, after being asked to use the correct one - fuck em, they're no better than racits and scum of society.)
  • Letting children transition? This one is much more nuanced, personally I belive letting a child dress/behave (I know theres more to it than that) in any fashion they like is absolutly okay. Putting them through various medical procedures/treatment like puperty blockers is an act I do not belive in due to some major (rare) side effects. Asking a 11 year old if they want to risk never having a child is absolutly insane to me. On the flip side, I do recognize the fact that pre-puberty is, medically speaking, the best time make the transtsion.
  • guns? Don't care, but treat them with respect and don't blame the gun for muder. If you have a violent history - no gun for you. If you're the type to pull out your gun to show your daughter's BF how tough you are - no gun for you. If you the type to wave it out your car window when someone upsets you - no gun or drivers lincess for you. If you don't keep it locked up/secured at all times - no gun for you. If you make a gun safe that can be opened with a spoon (LPL) - prison for you.

  • ProLife/Choice - I'm personally pro-choice, but belive there's got to be a limit, maybe after 6 months in its too late unless it's medical or result of rape or something. Abortion clinics need to be seriously overhauled and properly avalible across the nation and regulated like any other medical facitly.

  • On the flip side, take a serious look at why individuals are choosing abortion over having children. Is it the economic burden, lost hope for the future, poor access to brith-control, poor education about birth control?

  • police - needs serious work. While most are okay, the bad ones get away with some terrifying life-destroying shit and it makes the rest look terrible. A law-abiding citizen should not fear the police, that's is 3rd world dictator shit.

  • Corporations - need some serious regulations that basically say "if the government can't infringe on citizens rights (privacy) neither can you".

    • stop making the fines for these big coportaions cheaper than doing the crime
    • who tf let Microsoft buy all those game companies in an obvious antitrust violation?
    • Ownership - when I buy something it is mine. If I buy access to a movie through service X, I have baught it. If service X shuts down, my access should be transfered (download perfered) at no cost to me.
    • Terms and conditions - if they change after purchase, I should be entitled to a full refund if I disagree. You can't abritaritly change a contract. Forced arbitration should be illeagle.
  • labor laws - mandatory holiday/vacation pay for all, even part time. Cut out the " tipped wage" bullshit. Find some way to raise wages without business needing to jack prices so high the new wages are worthless.

  • Drugs/Weed - again do as you please but treat it like alcohol. DUIs should be treated as major crime - they are operating a death box and not treating it as such.

  • Institutionalized gamabling/lotteries - go away. Its the poor people who get sucked in the worst, we don't need people dumping the last of their money into slot machines and scratch off cards. Things like games of skill that can result in a prize, a raffel for charity or playing privately with a group of friends are all fine with me.

  • Healthcare/Insurance - step one is to make it so insurance isn't the one deciding what to cover. The ones making profit when they don't pay should not be the ones making the decision.

    • Step two - universal coverage: everyone's covered for life threatening emergencies and related medicine needs. Everyone's covered for 1 head to toe physical a year (that includes basic vision and hearing tests). 2 dentist visits a year. Everyone's covered for 2 therapy sessions a year. That alone should be good for most heathy people. If you need more coverage then you start paying a bit more. Any voluntary procedures, I.e cosmetic - not resultant of an injury or medical condition - will not be covered by default.
      • Militay vets and first responders have full coverage for life as a thank you for putting your body at risk for others. Any one in an executive or political postion making more than $500,000 a year in personal profits gets 0 coverage as a fuck you for hoarding your money.
    • Step 3 - no "in network" doctor bullshit. If they are a licensed doctor at a legimatly accredited/licensed? medical facility then they are okay. If insurances find that they have repeated issues with a person/place, they needs to be investigated and probably shut down.
  • public education - boy what a underfunded mess it has become. Besides fearing for their lives, children are essentially being taught for one goal - pay into the college debt nightmare or go get a job as a garbage man. While an exaggeration and oversimplification, depending on where you go kids are being tested on high level collage literature (and all failing and made to feel like shit about it) or missing out on basic facts (yes the Earth only has moon, 5G towers won't spread disease and Europe is not country.)

  • rioters disguised as protestors - arrest/fine them. I'm sorry, but destroying random people's property or harming people (even if they are police) is not okay. They need to be held accountable for their crimes. At the same time, violent maniacs disguised as "peace officers" or something is also not okay. Peacefullly protest, find ways to inform unrelated parties of your problems with out disrupting their lives. While maybe not as effevtive, don't make your self the bad guy - no will support you. Those oil protestors who sit in traffic need to be run over. All they're doing is holding up traffic, creating a ton more of the exact emissions,wasting peoples gas, time, holding up emergency vehicles or some doctor headed to preform emergency surgery. Imagine if your kid dies because Doc McMiracle got held up by protestors preaching about leaving a healthy planet for our children...

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The solution is Settings -> Account preferences -> Show read posts?

Thanks [email protected]

I've posted a few time, but the post list always remains empty for some reason.

I can see other people posts on their profiles.

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Basically looking a calandar that stays on the deaktop, and can show events (Otherwise I'd just use a wallpaper). I don't need much interaction with it, if any, essentially just open the actaul calandar program. Sync with iCal is a big plus.

While FOSS is ideal, I'm open to anything free (that can be firewalled or is actually private (unlikely, I know))

I found one that used windows 7 widgets, but it was too small and didn't seem to work right anyways.

Android Tablets (self.android)
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Does anyone have good experience with android tablets, and possibly replacing the OS? I see some interesting options from Google, lenovo, one plus, etc... I imagine the pixel one will be the easiest to load a new OS to, but I also wonder about the tablet support of things like lineage or graphine.

The hardware doesn't have to be groundbreaking, just good enough to be my "travel laptop" for movies, comics and general interneting. I don't want a laptop, as I often like to sit in chair/bed to read comics or watch movies and a keyboard would make that awkward.

One of my main concerns is the update support - my iPad has been getting updates since 2017, a lot of the android manufactures are promising a pathetic 3 to 5 years. I don't want to be "software bricked" in 5 years (I.e apps eventually requiring an Android version I cannot update to)

Squidward (lemmy.world)
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Squidward Meme (lemmy.world)
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