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You must be a real buzz kill at festivals and camping.

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Your fault for sitting outside in Edinburgh tbf.

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I started to learn to skate at like 27 and innthe first 2 years only badly sprained ankles twice, fractured a rib and snapped my arm bone in half. It's not as bad as it sounds.

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This one would be funnier if it said slightly less.

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Except they don't, because most countries believe in the right to self determination and don't think you should be able to invade a countries sovereign territory because "well its closer to us"

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Also, people like me hate Aregentinians because they fucking murdered members of my family in an unprovoked war.

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Lmao always a good day when you litterally just ask someone for an explanation beyond "no ur wrong" and it makes them so upset that they block you.

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Fair, but it's not like Turkey isn't fucking around as well, especially with the Kurds and Syria and, ya know, fucking invading Cyprus.

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I literally dont understand keyboard hobbyists, like at this point youre just being different for the sake of being different.

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Extremely rare supreme court w

It is truly magic (lemmy.world)
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Not even King behaviour. In the 1640s, over 100 years before the USA was even an idea in the heads of angry colonials, the English parliament made it clear that monarchs are not above the law when they created the high court of justice to try King Charles I and subsequently execute him.

So they are trying to claim powers for the president that not even the fucking King of England had before the revolution.

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