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I think my point still stands, OP isn't crying about it or anything. I'm not a vegan but I've definitely been annoyed by the things omnivores say here.

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Social settings exist outside of social media platforms

They aren't crying about or anything, just saying it doesn't make sense. I'd be pretty annoyed if people felt the need to joke about my food preference all the time, too

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Giving a buck to that dev is better for him than all those ads you "watch".

OC could watch 2 ads a day for 5 years and it still would make the dev less money than a $1 donation

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The least fitting part is the "The" on the Simpsons game

Tekken 5, Rez, Gun

Theeeeeeee Simpsons Hit & Run

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Someone added that clipart to the thumbnail and thought it was a good addition. I feel so embarrassed on their behalf

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(this is not a flex AT ALL) I am selfless to a fault. I care so little about my needs in comparison to others' and I hate it

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It doesn't absolve Hamas by any means (fuck Hamas) but October 7th had big Pearl Harbor vibes

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Why speak the truth so sarcastically?

The lesser of two evils is still evil but in our binary voting system, abstaining IS giving your vote to the greater evil. It's the trolley problem and the default position of the lever is sending it at the worse outcome.

But if not pulling the lever makes you sleep better at night, I'm sure all the additional people suffering will understand...

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The #1 thing that helps me is having a partner for whatever the thing is. If someone has the same goal as me, I will put 150% into getting it done.

But if the thing only benefits me? Well, then I'll just go ahead and shoot myself right in the foot

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They've been incorporated since the 2010's!

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It's kind of a selfish feeling but I'm always so bummed to find the only wiki for an indie game on fandom. Yeah, I could put the work in to make a different one elsewhere....but I'll probably beat the game before I'm done copying the info over.

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To spare you having to search...

Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law.

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Hello everyone,

We are nearing the end of my first TTRPG campaign and in a few weeks, the DM is starting a homebrew. I joined this one half way through and a friend slapped together most of my level 7 character for me, a basic fighter. For this new campaign I'm hoping to have "more to do" in and out of battle so I'm looking for class advice.

I want to play a support class but I've been feeling overwhelmed by the class options. All I know is that I want it to be beginner-friendly support that can heal but also do more - like damage, buffs, or debuffs. Doesn't have to be all 3!

The group gave me a few suggestions but there was so much back and forth about how complicated they are, I thought I'd pose the question here.

Can someone help point me in the right direction on a simple support? Any help would be appreciated!

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My preferred way to browse here is using All and blocking communities I don't want to see. That way I get exposed to new things I wouldn't seek out on my own (for example: British archaeology)

I accidentally blocked a community while trying to block a user and when I went to unblock it, I saw I had 1250 communities filtered. If I had to guess, 90% are either porn, sports, or anime.

What about you?

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I'm not sure if this counts as a "patient gamer" because I played them to death years ago...but I've been playing both again recently and they're just perfect little games with a ton of replayability. They're not retro (FTL 2012, ITB 2018) but they're old enough to regularly go on sale which is great!

Highly recommended if you like roguelite strategy games.

If you have any similar games to suggest, please leave a comment. I'm sure there's tons of great strategy games I've missed over the years

Arca - Love You In Chains (on.soundcloud.com)
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Both artists are considered "art-pop"

Kind of a weak connection but man...I've loved the posts but someone had to get us away from space-related songs!

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I was messing around on Bing trying to generate animals camouflaging into various environments but never spit out what I had in mind. It did, however, expose me to furry porn despite my prompt not requesting it.

Some other examples (not including the aforementioned one because I don't want to get banned lol):

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Connection: it's a song about Satan

The link has 2 songs but I couldn't find this song on its own. "I'm So Tired Of You" is the first thing they play

Golden Vessel - sun+tide (on.soundcloud.com)
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The moon has a strong influence on the tides

Tierra Whack - Body of Water (on.soundcloud.com)
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Supersoakers are (usually) filled with water

New album coming out soon too!!

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It's not living a lie if you're not living at all.

Connection: Villain Mode is about living a lie

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Of course she's not there....There Is No There!

The Books were a project by Nick Zammuto and Paul de Jong, two very different musicians who found common ground in their appreciation for strange production and "found sound" sampling.

They amicably split after a decade of making music together to pursue solo projects but neither has released anything in the past 5+ years. I've seen them live 3 times and would do it again if they did a reunion tour

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Rising Sun to Rising Son

Sunsick to Sonsick

Does that count as a pun?

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