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You joke but it actually boots faster in a VM for me than on bare metal. And that’s with fastboot enabled. Would love to know why!

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You gotta believe!

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It’s honestly been the best first gen of a product I’ve experienced in years.

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I remember mocking how ugly the controller looked (like an obese parody of the Dreamcast’s) but then I held it. As I large-handed person, it was so comfortable after years of Japanese pads designed for smaller hands. I just wish they still made the thing but with all the modern upgrades so I could use it with my PC.

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I don’t get why you’re being downvoted. So far this has been a few posts on social media. I’m skeptical mostly since devices are supposedly encrypted and factory resetting flushes the key. How on earth decrypted files could turn up in photos after their encryption key is destroyed is baffling.

I’m not saying it’s not happening, just it seems so outlandish, I’d be less surprised if it was just people forgetting they’d taken the photos and some cached backup is restoring them somehow.

Looking forward to more concrete information being available about the situation.

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I’ve been wondering whether to pick this up given how it’s often on sale on Steam. I’ve heard a lot about the controls being lacklustre and the personality of the characters being forgettable.

My nephew really enjoyed the game (he was 9 at the time) so I wonder if they weren’t targeting old fans of the genre but instead new, younger ones.

I regularly replay Jack and Daxter given how fun the characters are (the first game before they shifted a little darker in tone). There’s a game I’d love to see return (or reimagined a la Yuka-Laylee).

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Found malware in the voice recorder app on one out of the box (from Amazon while in Japan). So that was fun.

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It’s not a loophole. As a subsidiary, profits are still invested into the nonprofit and they’re still guided by the Mozilla manifesto. It just lets them do more and raise more funds which would be difficult to do with nonprofit status (selling default search engine for instance). Here’s their original press release when they incorporated Mozilla Corporation in 2005.

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Mozilla Foundation has a wholly owned subsidiary that is Mozilla Corporation that is for-profit.

For instance the revenue from Google, so they’re the default search engine, is seen by Mozilla Corporation. So things search-related will indeed be part of their for-profit arm.

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It’s a stick

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