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Ah, I'm a moron. Cheers

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Cade to enlighten me? I'm still lost.

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I mean its a company alerting you to an impending loss of service and asking the only people who can turn course to do something. Its not much different to pornhub putting up a "no longer accessible, reach out to your senator" banner instead of aggressive privacy invading age checks. I think a lot of american websites did something similar when gdpr basically forced them to stop tracking us without consent.

[-] emax_gomax 3 points 3 weeks ago

Facebook was a key factor in the rise of trump and the January insurrection. I respect you're realising the lack of substance in this pov, I just want to say I don't see the appeal in an American company shovelling Russian propaganda over a Chinese one shovelling Chinese propaganda. Not like we're gonna do anything either way to remove the grip these companies have on people. Just push them to ones that feel more "like we are".

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Is the issue their censoring content globally or just at all. Twitter for example is known to cave to local governmental pressure but I suppose its limited to a particular region and people outside of there are still allowed access. Really I'm more disturbed anyone is careless enough to rely on social media for news. It's no secret their all just regurgitating what they or the platform owners want. Most youtubers actively avoid controversial content just to avoid demonitisation; if youre on a platform like truth social id be surprised if you ever get an impartial voice. I literally only scroll tiktok for cute and funny vids.

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If you want a richer login authelia + caddy is good.

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President of Puerto Rico I'd the potus isn't it? Puerto Rico I'd a us owned territory. Or was that the joke?

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I think it's a gray line for some folks. I recently got my first credit card and I use it for all day to day expenses. It's amazing how easy it is to get side tracked while spending. You only having to down pay a certain amount of the outstanding credit and the limits are set by the provider not you. If i didn't keep monitoring it I think it'd be really easy to get a bill one month that just eats out all my other income.

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Once a week. I have to use proprietary realtek ethernet drivers and they need to be rebuilt with each kernel upgrade. I haven't figured out a clean way to plug them into packman and rebuild on kernel updates so I just update, reboot, rebuild and install drivers when I notice I'm on WiFi instead of ethernet.

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Deus Ex revival. Honestly that's probably cyberpunk but you can never have enough games in the genre IMO.

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Both. Both is fine.

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Last July, the U.N. adopted a resolution condemning Quran burning, calling attacks on the Muslim holy book "religious hatred." The same month the U.N. General Assembly passed a resolution that deplores all acts of violence against holy books as a violation of international law.

Holy books shouldn't be protected as some sort of sacred existence especially not globally. Religions should be scrutinised at all levels, putting any religious relic on a pedestal and enshrining protections that seem less focused on protecting followers of that religion and more on the idea of it is absurd. What's next you can't call scientology a cult because it hurts people's feelings.

Edit: adjust phrasing.

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