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There's no reason your clients can't have public, world routeable IPs as well as security.

There are a lot of valid reasons, other than security, for why you wouldn't want that though. You don't necessarily want to allow any client's activity to be traceable on an individual level, nor do you want to allow people to do things like count the number of clients at a particular location. Information like that is just unnecessary to expose, even if hiding it doesn't make anything more secure per se.

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Is there some story I missed about his family being assholes?

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I do think it's a problem when 100% of people seeing "made with AI" will assume the entire thing is AI-generated, even if all you did was use AI for a minor touch-up. If it's really that trigger happy right now, I think it'd make sense for it to be dialled down a bit.

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simply reading the browser agent isnt really security

It's not for their security, but for that of genuinely clueless people that are just running an actually outdated browser that might have known and exploitable security flaws.

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They sell AirTag location data? I honestly find that hard to believe. What's your source on this other than big tech bad?

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Yeah, it's a feature on stock android. Should be in most android flavors

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Lol that's ridiculous. There's nothing about ipv6 that'd make it any slower

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Oof, that quote is the exact brand of nerd bullshit that makes my blood boil. "Sure, it may be horribly designed, complicated, hard to understand, unnecessarily dangerous and / or extremely misleading, but you have nOT rEAd ThE dOCUmeNtATiON, therefore it's your fault and I'm immune to your criticism". Except this instance is even worse than that, because the documentation for that command sounds just as innocent as the command itself. But I guess obviously something called "tmpfiles" is responsible for your home folder, how couldn't you know that?

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Smoke is easy to add in post. Muzzle flash is a little bit harder but also of course very possible.

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Good for you. The tweet is just a joke though.

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I never got this taste from tofu ever, any chance you maybe just had spoiled tofu..?

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Really pressing all the water out first is key to get it crispy. Soaking it briefly in eggwash (or oil if vegan) and breading it with breadcrumbs or even just flour before frying it hard makes it soooooo good. Can add spices to the eggwash too.

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