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Nah. But it's nice that he feels he has to pretend.

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Why is this plane still in the air?

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$omething tell$ me that no charge$ will be filed, but I'm not $ure.

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Very well, today I accede to your superior pedantry.

But one day I shall return!

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Eh, that's just 1/2 of the harmonic sum, which diverges.

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You can divide by zero if you like, you just need to snap your fingers and wish really hard and a brand new number called Infinity appears.

It's like magic!

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This is way more fun than Ecce Romani

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Should be anything less than a harmonic decrease (that is, the nth centaur is 1/n the size of the original).

The harmonic series is the slowest-diverging series.

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Gotta budget 15 minutes for tying their shoes, 20 if they are doing the tying.

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What about the Cat Detector Van?

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French people let their dogs shit absolutely everywhere and nobody cares. That was the really surprising thing for me.

Paris is beautiful but you better keep an eye on where you're stepping.

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Ok but that anglerfish thing is kinda hot.

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