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Salf is the definition of not uniform.

Try a spoonful of table salt instead of sea salt next time and see how well that goes. In grams it does not matter.

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Whilst this is nice. I've had a color ebook reader for maybe four years. It's not a new technology.

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Maybe if they do more layoffs, that'll solve the problem. Surely, the mass layoffs of the past two years have only been a boon to security

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Anything is better than nothing. This is true. But that doesn't mean you aren't wasting your time on something that does the bare minimum.

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I think we have different definitions of security. Your definition may be more theoretically secure, in your mind, for the novel and interesting solutions. My definition is about a hardened, time-tested solution.

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I feel like a lot of this is driven by a bias towards the unknown. You don't know all the security issues in something new or even something old that doesn't get the same level of testing as Linux.

I would trust security hardened Linux over all of the suggestions any day of the week. Better the devil you know.

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Duolingo keeps doing mass layoffs, so the bird is overworked. You can help him out by switching to a language learning app that actually helps you learn a language instead of endlessly throwing flash cards at you without teaching you anything! Win win.


I look forward to this video every year. An industry animator talks about the best animation found in last year's games. There are always lots of games I've never heard of, and I end up appreciating something about a game that I've never thought about before.

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March 14, 2024 beyond excited for this, EDF


Part five in this long running series looking at the animation in each Final Fantasy game


(december 8th, with demo)


Not exactly what we usually post here, but I really like these


Only ever released briefly on vhs, then later on dvd in Spain for some reason, comes The Midnight Hour. A teenage Halloween party that turns deadly and bursts into song!

also starring Le Var Burton! It's a really fun Halloween movie that I try to watch every year, even if the quality is terrible

Trailer The Entire Movie


Okay, there aren't actually that many frogs in this movie. But there is always a vague croaking sound in the background track so that counts right?



It's Exactly What You Think It Is

And oh boy, they aren't lying about that tagline. It is exactly what you think it is. Good score, though!

Night Killer (1990) (
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From Claudio Fragasso (yes, the Trolls 2 guy) comes Night Killer. If you're looking for 93 minutes of awkward dialogue and acting, this has it in troves. Claudio Fragasso has such a unique ability to take mediocre actors and make them so much worse


Plugging this website I've used for years for video game music, it provides internet radio (you can listen in the browser or music player [like vlc]) and all the music is chosen alternately randomly and by requests (sign-up with discord to put requests in)

the request system has cool-downs to stop certain games from being overplayed so I've been introduced to a lot of music I wouldn't have ever heard otherwise thanks to it. Plus it's just nice to have people pick music rather than an algorithm.


I've been waiting for this for so long... 2024 can't come early enough

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