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I get no kick from champagne

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Move to Canada

Move to Alaxka

Move to Antarctica

Move to the UK...

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Morally wrong? What does morality have to do with any of this?

This is a matter of conventions. Which way we do it doesn't actually matter that much as long as we all agree on a way. Maybe you think PEMDAS is counterintuitive, maybe others disagree. That doesn't make it morally wrong.

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There's a Japanese YouTuber my japanese learning friend would watch called "that Japanese man Yuta" who goes into this

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Yeah it's pretty incredible. Wikimedia is the kind of project that almost feels like a small glimpse into a better world. What the internet could have been. It's got some problems of course but it's still a huge success.

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Well not quite but close. I'm holding a hard disk that has ALL of Wikipedia's text in 10 different languages.

Yes you can download all of Wikipedia and yes it can easily fit in a hard drive. Isn't that amazing? Text is incredibly dense compared to images and video. Around 22 GiB for English Wikipedia alone and 56 GiB for the 10 languages I downloaded.

I also have all of Wiktionary in the same hard drive. It's around 16.4 GiB.

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Besides lemmy of course

Edit: By community I didn't mean lemmy community. I meant like a fandom for an old or obscure piece of media with still some activity

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Happy public domain day

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I don't.

I don't care if it's actually real because it feels real enough.

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Look at that beautiful [answered]. I forgot lemmy lets you edit the title of posts. So many embarrassing typos avoided

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I mean they're still the ones who made the hardware

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My country is going through a civil war right now.

The US is nowhere near close. You'll be fine.

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Fun coincidence. Makes me think of reincarnation. Now I wonder what else we shared?

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I usually spend 1-2 hours. Any more than that and I get too tired. At my pace it takes about a year and a half to 2 years to get to where I can read and listen. But I reckon it could be cut down if I was spending more time a day.

I heard that training diplomats spend 8 hours a day on the language they're learning: a full time job. Imagine that. I'd be completely exhausted and my brain would be buzzing by the end. You reckon you could do that?

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The mobile website is god awful. Forcing you to use the app which also sucks.

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I kept zooming in trying to decipher it

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I hate that stuff. Also websites that have lots of specific conditions for what a password contains. You're just increasing the likelihood of me forgetting it.

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I'm a reddit refugee trying to figure this out. It seems to me like it's a decent idea to break up countrol like this, but unfortunately there are some inherent problems that mean it might not work in the real world.

The biggest in my view is that communities are scoped to the instance they started in. You could have 2 different communities with the same niche and the same or similar name but different insurances and the subscriber numbers will be split across them. I think this is damaging to growth because it spreads active users.

Eventually if the niche grows one of the communities of the niche will be the biggest and most active. So generally users will consolidate around the instances with the most active communities thus making those instances have a lot of control and defeating the purpose of federation.

Is there something I'm missing here? Because currently I'm not convinced this can both grow and keep things decentralized.

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