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Oh wow an actually unpopular opinion.

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That too. It will be impossible to trust AI generated stuff in terms of quality knowing that every other movie you watch won't even have any kind of conclusion because the model had incorrect weights or some shit.

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Planescape Torment, the shadow run series of games as well.

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The use of AI in movie production is going to crater the market entirely. Why is a person going to pay big bucks to see something they could make themselves with a few prompts. We are going to wind up with all human made certifications at some point. It's just getting stupid. It makes sense for Perry to hold off a minute honestly tho if I were them I would buy property to hold just in case anyway.

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It gets added to their database forever as far as I know. Unsure if they're selling it but based on the trajectory of capitalism yes they're selling the fuck out of to anyone who will buy.

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Fuck it. Not buying MTG stuff again. Only a matter of time until cards are wholesale AI generated at which point you could just generate the card your damn self.

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It does bring more attention if they drag out the go fuck yourself bit with a lawsuit but they definitely need a huge go fuck yourself with a rake letter here.

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Why in the Kentucky fried fuck is Texas asking Seattle about that.

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I wonder how much this compares to kids and tv viewing habits before household internet.

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Elmo can say it. He black on the inside!

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You mean the thing everyone said was going to happen actually happened. Lmao

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We don't have time for school districts to be wasting with culture war bullshit anyway. This behavior must be penalized heavily. Petty tyrants can't just force everyone to to live the same way they do.

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Needed to tweak the face a good bit. Still thinking I"m going to slap the head on a modified Blender Foundation base mesh or something. Make em a kobold.

Oddball Sculpt (pawb.social)
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I'm new here and figured I would add some content. Learning blender and started a somewhat reptilian sculpt. Not my first and not my last (hopefully)

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