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At standard temperature and pressure (STP) it looks like CO2 has a density of 1.96 kg/m^3. 1 tonne = 1000 kg, so a tonne of CO2 has a volume of (1000 kg)/(1.96 kg/m^3) = 510 m^3 at STP. A cube of that volume would have side length (510 m^3)^(1/3) = 7.99 m, so roughly 8 meters per side.

I don't know how tall that person is, but if we assume around 1.6 m (5' 3") then the cube side length should be about 5 of her. Seems pretty accurate to me.

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Well, it is canon that the Abrahamic god kills children en masse sometimes. He does love a good genocide.

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Sure doesn't help that the billionaires win no matter the outcome.

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If this is real and in the US, I would love to see a Gen Xer or elder Millennial apply, make sure to mention their generation, and then get this dumbass owner to say in writing that they aren't hiring them because they aren't a Boomer.

IANAL, but that seems like a slam dunk age discrimination case as long as the applicant is at least 40.

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Not even "vote Democrat," she just urged people to vote period. And linked to Vote.org encouraging people to research what would be on their ballot. The fact that the right takes this as an attack on them isn't surprising to anyone.

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The more positive spin version is that they test freedom of (and from) religion to ensure it is being applied broadly and not solely for Christianity and, to a lesser extent, Judaism.

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So you think it's totally fine that people just doing their fully legal job in the state they live and work in should be subjected to arrest warrants that prevent them from ever safely entering a completely different state?

"Sorry boss, I can't go to that conference. It's hosted in Texas and I'll be arrested as I exit the plane."

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You seem annoyed at either possibility here. Which would you prefer?

Because if they let third party scrapers access the private data without user action, it's not private and they may as well not do this at all.

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The problem with saying "both" is that there are 5 groups involved, maybe even 6.

  1. The Israeli government
  2. The Israeli people
  3. The West Bank Palestinian government (Fatah)
  4. The Gaza Strip Palestinian government (Hamas)
  5. The Palestinian people (arguably separate groups to account for differing levels of suffering and oppression)

I'd agree that "both" are bad if you mean the Israeli government and Hamas, though to different degrees at different times. I'd agree "both" are victims if you mean the Israeli and Palestinian peoples, though undoubtedly the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are the most victimized right now and in general.

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I was born in 1993 and I did that with my neighborhood friends too.

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You forgot to summon them: tankie, tankie, tankie

There, that should get them to chime in.

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Did you sue? I'd have been livid enough to try to sue. IANAL, but at a minimum I would hope that would be trespassing.

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