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Yes there are several solutions, just search for Spotify Playlist Backup/Export. There are free services as well as GitHub projects. You of course have to link your account with the free service.

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Yeah that's what that scene from South Park is satirizing if I remember correctly

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You can use Acquafaba instead (chick pea water). That actually works at least just as well, no taste, perfect texture. Many barkeeps prefer it from what I hear.

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My absolute favorite is New Your Sour (Basically Whiskey Sour with a dash of red wine (and slightly different mixing ratios. Last time I made them with Acquafaba (basically bean water; the water you get from a can of chick peas) instead of egg white and let me tell you, that worked like a charm, can only recommend!

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Ist mir auch ein absolutes Rätsel. Vor allem weil die Pannade eh das Beste an dem Patty ist, die plant based Variante wäre geschmacklich ein nahezu perfekter Ersatz.

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Haha ja das wollte ich auch ungefähr so sagen

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Well if this isn't the most beautiful thread I have seen on Lemmy.. thank you everyone. I'm not crying!

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Der geriebene hat Rapsöl

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Who ever wrote that is probably dead by now.

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Because your comment is a trash generalization and insulting

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Haha my thoughts exactly. Although from what I know it is and always has been common for nomadic peoples to have fixed places where they might spend certain times of the year for example.

That's why I didn't dare to make a comment like yours :D


Had a lot of fun with a flashlight in the woods. Many mushrooms literally glow when a little light hits them, they are very easy to spot this way!

Does anyone have some ID?

Warted Puffball (or Devil's Snuffbox :D)

Warted Puffball (or Devil's Snuffbox :D)

Beefsteak Fungus or Poor Man's Steak (I'm not making these up)

Beefsteak Fungus or Poor Man's Steak (I'm not making these up)

Some kind of Hypholoma

Some kind of Hypholoma


To quote a comment: "This is Borges level art: making music for a game that never even existed yet that creates an atmosphere that no 90s video game ever could."

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Xylaria hypoxylon and some organe slime mold?

Found in western Germany.



Found a big one this time. It's supposed to be edible but doesn't sound to tasty and is supposed to be gathered young.

Btw I love the English names, the German ones are often times very scientific/descriptive but don't evoke images like the English ones (there are exceptions of course).

Sorry for the mediocre image quality.. I didn't get the focus right.


West Germany


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We found a lot of that blue wood lying around before finding these little fellas that produce it.


I think it looks delicious though.

Hypholoma fasciculare

The edible species is Hypholoma capnoides which looks quite similar.


Little coral reef I saw the other day ;) not sure about ID.

I'm not sure what is allowed here (no sidebar content?) and I'm very happy and thankful for this community! And I see so many upvotes but not so many new posts; let's see some more finds, ID requests, growing/harvesting/foraging discussions and so on! At least where I'm at 'tis the season 🍄


Amanita phalloides

Western Germany


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Tylopilus felleus

Found in Western Germany



Western Germany, about a month ago


Originally from Australia/New Zealand and imported to Europe, can be found here quite often. The smell is absolutely horrible.

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