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"Leaving your Steam Deck inactive for more than 5 minutes may stop the game from accepting inputs."

Saved the rest of you from having to read this article.

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Dude's got a great future as an actor.

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Where does one sign up?

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Pretty sure the only way to defeat it is to eat it back (or from the back)...

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Spaceballs 3: The Search for Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money

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Every exercise is a back day exercise if you do it wrong enough.

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Upset when he uses the N word.

At least, that's what most of them mean by "woke".

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The joke

Your head

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Ja, die Schildkröte ist sehr lustig!

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Lass on SG

OF: @weejulietots

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Vote for the guy that's unfortunately not willing to break with decades worth of support for Israel or the guy who's said he'd send in ground troops wins.

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