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Pivpn was discontinued just a heads up. I switched to just plain wireguard when I heard the news.

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To be fair, no one has

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Idk why you're downvoted for this. I'd also like to see split tabs in firefox. I do research/writing for a living and having both open in one window would be nice.

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True, but as I understand it, this is sorta surprising because he has been more supportive of the LGBT community than his predecessors and subordinates

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But no p2p on free. Honestly, OP, for this one you may just have to drop some cash on a reputable VPN

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It's the opposite... It will run on about anything

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Can't you download those pictures locally? It would be good practice anyway to not rely on Facebook of all places to host your beloved photos indefinitely

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Get your head out of the gutter. There is a difference between file and philia, the former being something managed by this program and the latter being Greek for "love". Further, the phil- prefix/suffix is used in many words which don't mean what you seem to associate it with. Take philosophy for example—the love of wisdom.

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What's wrong with it?

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Jellyfin is also a fork of Emby so there's some continuity there for OP

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