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What are you referring to with Bowling Green?

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Columbine was in '99, so that checks out. I think schools started doing them sometime after that tragedy.

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They're the exact same mistake. Since the commenter you were responding to wasn't the one to originally make the mistake, but instead was arguing with someone who's premise relied on that mistake, it's weird to only get on them about it.

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The reason people go to "No relationship with reality" is because many people use the polls to say "will" instead of "favored" or conflate "will" and "favored." When that's the standard you are often presented, of course you are going to come to conclusion polling doesn't have all that much to do with reality. Because it isn't that predictive. Especially when you're looking at things where we take this somewhat fuzzy number and turn it into a binary yes or no while the cloud of possibilities comfortably encompasses both outcomes.

So when talking to some making definitive statements about the outcome of an election based on polls, how they are using polls only has a tenuous relationship to reality.

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This is a thread where someone made the statement "Trump would win if the election was today." based on polls. You said yourself, that's not what polls are for. Take it up with the person who is misusing the poll to make definitive statements like that rather than the person saying you can't trust the polls for that.

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You can do ivf without that. It would just be very costly, very time consuming, and very frustrating. You just make one embryo at a time. Implant it without testing its viability. If it doesn't take, do it again. One at a time. It's an absolutely idiotic way to do it. But it is possible.

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The person you expect to be sad also wanted to end the relationship because they realized they wanted children and were married to someone who didn't. It isn't just about the perspective/agenda of the trans person.

If I was faced with a choice between breaking someone who I loved's heart or never being a mother, it would be relieving to have that no longer be weighing on me.

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I'm saying people who don't play this credit game but otherwise are good financially also think it's dumb. Not just bad risks.

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They're just also in anything processed. Everything has an allowable amount of bugs. And it isn't usually 0. https://www.fda.gov/food/current-good-manufacturing-practices-cgmps-food-and-dietary-supplements/food-defect-levels-handbook

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You're discounting the people who have always lived within their means and so never took on debt. They also don't have good credit. They've never missed a payment. They're good for the money. But they don't have a history showing that because they've never needed that.

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They said service the debt, not pay off the whole thing. For an analogy, your whole mortgage being less than your annual salary isn't a requirement; your monthly mortgage payment being a fraction of your monthly salary is.

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