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Braces on adults are common enough that most people don't care. There are options like Invisalign, ceramic or clear braces, and lingual braces (brackets behind the teeth) that you can ask about. If you work somewhere with a strict dress code you might want to stick to clear and white colored rubber bands, too. Though outside of that, people still won't care and colored rubber bands are cute.

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Gimme that sodium packet 🤤

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Dissatisfaction is a good thing. It's the fuel that pushes you to do something. Maybe it's something big like switching careers or cutting ties with toxic relationships, but most often it's small things like picking up a new hobby, volunteering, or taking a vacation.

Don't dismiss dissatisfaction. Look into your life and see what you need to change.

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I don't think reshipping in itself is illegal. If you're buying something illegal in the final country, sure, but there's a lot of stores that only ship to some countries even though there's no restrictions on the actual goods.

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Dump a cup of white vinegar into the wash, let them soak. Mildew will be gone. Add an extra rinse if it smells of vinegar.

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If it's a big company then keep your ear to the ground, find out if there's another team or department you'd like to work in, and talk about it with your manager. Be patient. Big companies have a lot of benefits and it might be worth waiting for a position to open up.

If you really want to work somewhere else then apply outside of work hours, don't just quit. It's easier to find a job when you already have one.

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UPS tracking number 1Z 150 293 65 9808 210 7

Letting the real secrets out.

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Fallout. The one that comes to mind is the Fallout 4 menu music, but I've gotten that feeling with nearly all their games.

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Bing Dalle3: a child with a backpack giving a bag of food to a homeless person on the sidewalk. the homeless person should have cybernetic implants and look disheveled and downtrodden. setting is the slums of a cyberpunk city with bright signs and advanced technology, hanging wires. a sign advertising "joy" in the background. night scene. gritty, photorealistic style.

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Legit though. I got my finger slammed in the car door but luckily it didn't lock like that. I could see bone. Even theoretical, thinking about the door locking makes me panic a bit.

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Wow that's incredible, and you make it look so easy! Thank you for the video!

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