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Is the QV one still there? Haven't checked in about a decade.


A 53-year-old mother and personal trainer has been identified as the victim of a suspected mushroom poisoning at a wellness retreat in regional Victoria on Saturday night.

Rachael Dixon and two other people are believed to have consumed mushrooms at the Soul Barn Creative Wellbeing Centre in Clunes near Ballarat.

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Two have closed on Bridge Rd & now two on Swan St (used to be one opposite the Netball on Swan).

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I like it, similar to Brooklyn 99.

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Looking forward to the Elimination chamber.

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I had no idea PSO's had guns, at least it was a balanced and careful use of it in this case.

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A picture of the guy whose been tricking people into sitting on him with fake seizures.

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I used to work for V/Line, more than a decade ago, I don't know much about current events, my only tidbit is that I found the RTBU to be disappointing.

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Because public schools have to compete with private schools, the uniforms make them look comparable and has more of an effect on the parents perception of value of the school.

Each public school gets funding dependant on enrolment, the end result is absurd pricing for single income parents. When I was in High School we could get a $7 shirt from Big W and look identical to other students minus the logo.

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I'm currently watching The Magicians (2015).

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Can't say I've enjoyed any of these songs so far.

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It took 30 hours to get from Port Melbourne to Hobart alone, the ship didn't go too fast.


Tell us what game you are currently, or recently played, greater than 6+ months old.

If the game happens to be on sale, a link would be a plus.

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