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Apple Watch doesn't net them a subscription from you. TV+ does.

They want you to get an iPhone so you can use the Watch, but if you're not going to get either, they still want you to sub to TV+.

Plus I mean Android TVs are a thing so it makes sense anyway.

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FIFA 17, Roblox and Minecraft? Yeah I reckon a modern integrated GPU is just fine.

But unfortunately it seems like your friend's preferred games aren't all that Linux friendly. Maybe get him addicted to a Steam library on Windows first and then you can win him over using Proton lol

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It might, but PC would definitely have its share of older gamers. MMORPGs for an example, attract them. I believe the oldest I ran into in my Runescape days was over 70. Of course that's if you believe peoples' claimed ages.

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Definitely good for the game devs themselves, who actually have two major studios to choose between now (for local work anyway, there's always remote options of course)

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OP could just compare the E30 3-series and the G20 3-series and there would already be a size difference. Of course, much of it stems from safety features taking up extra space (hello crumple zones, airbags, etc) and there's also simply a little bit of more space in a modern car.

To truly make a point here, you might want to compare a pickup truck from the 80s or 90s vs the 2010s or 2020s. Those have gotten unnecessarily big with no excuse.

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But also keep in mind that it's usually air temperature being measured, with surface temperatures being even worse than that!

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That's also true of Estonian and Spanish, but in the case of "I am he", you'd shorten away the actor, but not the target of the action, so you'd keep one pronoun still at least.

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I of course don't speak ancient languages, but I believe pronouns existed 2000 years ago too.

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Isn't "I" also a pronoun? Making this sentence 2/3 pronouns.

At least that's how it works in my native tongue.

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Saw an article that said that some execs demanded for search to have better user retention. I.e make the user search multiple times to find what they're looking for, so they can be shown more ads.

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There are like 4 people in the world who are proud of owning an Opel and I know 3 of them

That tattoo has got to make you particularly identifiable

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I'm sure many of you are familiar with the issue of making excuses for everything. I don't just mean excusing your unfinished chores by saying "I have ADHD", I mean excuses and fabrications in general - at work, you might say you're nearly finished with a project, but really you're halfway done at best, at home you might say you couldn't start the dishwasher because of how angry your pregnant wife was at you for choosing the wrong program on the washing machine, so you were scared to start the dishwasher - fully ignoring the fact that you were supposed to start the dishwasher BEFORE even being confronted about the washing machine. The last one is a stupid example, but it happened an hour ago and it's a pattern I hate about myself.

If you've had a similar issue and identified it, what has helped you improve yourself? I may never be perfect to the point I'll get everything done that I need to, but I'd like to at least stop making stupid excuses that just bring up fights that could've been avoided.

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Getting GPU acceleration working is a common task for those of us running Plex or Jellyfin. There is not much documentation for getting the NVIDIA container stack to work with Podman, even less on Gentoo, plus there have been a lot of changes to NVIDIA's container toolkit lately.

I have been fighting with Podman for a while now and just recently got it working 1:1 with my Docker setup. Gentoo may not be the most popular or easy to use distro but I documented it in case some poor soul runs across it searching the web.

Feel free to poke holes in it or leave feedback.

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And why do you prefer it over other distros?

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There was already a Gentoo community on Lemmy, however it hasn't had any activity in 2 years and since Lemmy's popularity has exploded in recent days, I figured it might be time for a new one with active moderation.

Anyone reading this likely already knows what Gentoo is, but on the off-chance that someone completely unfamiliar with Gentoo clicks on this thread, here's a quick primer. Gentoo Linux is essentially a meta-distribution. You're given a package manager (Portage) that builds your packages from source, and some useful command line utilities. Other than that, you get your choice of everything - systemd or OpenRC? X11 or Wayland? Gnome, KDE or some other desktop manager? Or none at all? All up to you. Now of course, Arch provides you the same freedom of choice, but Gentoo's party trick is the local compilation - you can have the compiler optimize everything for your particular CPU's instruction set, or just leave out features you don't need in some programs.

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Paistab, et EURIBORi tõus ja kõrged kinnisvarahinnad on turuga 1-0 teinud. Isiklikult loodan, et nüüd tuleb mõningat hinnalangust - hinnad on juba naeruväärselt kõrgeks läinud Eesti palgataseme kohta. Arvatavasti hakkavad ka välja võetud teise samba rahad inimestel otsa saama, need olid suure tõenäosusega suures ostuhulluses ja hinnatõusus tähtsal kohal.

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Paistab, et Eestis hakkab jälle poliitiliselt huvitavaks minema. Isiklikult ma ei usu, et nad hääled kokku saavad ja ma ei kujuta ette kes uueks peaministriks saaks, aga kõik on võimalik.

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