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I was once not spotted whilst wearing a bright fluorescent orange cycling rain jacket and standing 6'5" tall in an office of suits.

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Wednesday Addams from the Netflix show

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I received so much spam and abuse of my network from .xyz domains that they are fully blocked in every conceivable way from being accessed or accessing my network.

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I'm with you. The infantilism of films is so depressing

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I would check your but first and make sure you get some nut sauce on there.

If you still feel like it's the tuners then I'm a big fan if the Wilkinson EZ-Lok tuners.

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Perhaps consider an amp modeler. There's a lot to choose from out there and most sound more than good enough. If your amp has an FX loop you can plug a modeler in to the FX return.

I would steer clear of the MG series of amps.

What's your budget? That would drive all recommendations.

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Not at modest volumes it won't. A 1W valve amp is going to be more than loud enough for use at home levels, let alone cranking a 20W amp

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A few people need to get off their horses and come up with and agree to IPv4². It's exactly the same as IPv4 except there's 2 more octets of address space - 48bits for addresses*. Job done. You'd see wide spread adoption in under 2 years and then we can forget about it all and move on with our lives safe from the clutches of IPv6.

I don't give a crap that doesn't neatly fit into 32 or 64 bit architectures. It's more than doable at plenty fast speed and it keeps everything manageable.

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Just because a DE looks sparse doesn't means it also uses less resources. In imagine KDE would actually run well as it doesn't need all the bells it offers and is actually a well written performant DE.

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Pretty sure my Seagate usb disks I use for backup are SMR and sustained writes are awfully slow. Luckily I've discovered restic for backing up which lowered a 1.5tb weekly incremental backup from 9hrs to 1 min.

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Same as any OS, yes

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It doesn't tell you up front that it's going to break

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Ok, I've cracked. I have a nice pedal board and I can get some nice sounds from it. But I'm selling almost all of it and moving to Helix. Keeping a rams head muff and blues driver. But the expandability, versatility, simplicity of setup and no need to worry about patch cables, power supplies etc..

Am I going to regret it?

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I noticed that I wasn't getting many mails (I need better monitoring), and discovered that my iredmail server was poorly.

I have spent far too much time and energy on getting it back and working these past few days, but I've finally got it back up and stable.

Some background: I've had iredmail running for probably going on 6 years now and have had very few issues at all. It runs on an Ubuntu VM on Proxmox and originally was running in the same VM on ESXi (I migrated it over). I haven't changed anything to do with the VM for years other than the Ubuntu LTS updates every 2-3 years, it's always been there and stable. I occasionally will update the Ubuntu OS and iredmail itself, no problems.

Back to the problem... I noticed that Postfix was running OK, but was showing a bunch of errors about clamav not being able to connect. Odd. I then noticed that amavis was not running and had seemed to just die. I couldn't find any reason in any log file. Very strange. Bunch of hunting, checking config file history in the git repo. Nothing significant for years.

Find that restarting the server got everything back up and running. Great, lets go to bed.... Wake up next morning to find that amavis was dead again - it only lasted about 40 mins and then just closed for no reason. Right, ok, time to turn off clamAV as that seemed be be coming up a bit wheilst looking, follow the guide, all is well. Hmm, this seems to be working, but I don't really want clamav off. A whole bunch of duck duck going and I still couldn't figure out a root cause.

And then it clicked, the thing that was causing amavis to close was that it was running out of memory and it was being killed. Bump the memory up to 4GB and re-enable everything as it originally was and.... it seems to have worked. Been going strong for over a day now.

I don't know what it was that's changed recently which has meant the memory requirements have gone up a bit, but at least it's now fixed and it took all of 2 minutes to adjust.

The joys of selfhosting!

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There's 3 things that really stand out for me that I would say made a massive difference to my life:

  1. Cordless screw driver. Bought the day after building a flat pack bed with a crappy screw.driver that just shredded my hand. Thought it was frivolous at the time, but I've used it so much since. It's light, small enough to fit in my pocket and good for 90% of DIY tasks.

  2. Tassimo coffee machine. Bought it 9 years ago, use it every day. Nice quick easy coffee. What's not to like.

  3. My first DSLR camera. It was a Nikon D50 back in 2005/6 and it sparked my interest in photography to this day. It gave me a hobby I can take lots of places and do it alone or with others. I never loved the D50 camera itself, but I did get some really nice shots with it

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Thank you for the replies yesterday about my drill. I think I'm going to get a cheap corded SDS drill and some big bits. This is what I need to feed through the wall and there is no way to detach the cable from the camera and feed it the other way. I know it needs to be weather shielded, but this is a mad amount of connectors!

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The icon is a little different to what I've seen on others and I don't know how to tell otherwise. I have a job that involves drilling through a breeze block wall about 20cm and I don't want the expense of buying an SDS if I can help it.

This drill was given to me a long time ago, hence not knowing what I have here.


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The icon is a little different to what I've seen on others and I don't know how to tell otherwise.


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Seems like a shame to throw away and must have a use.

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It's not the most exciting pedal in that it's just a clever switch, but I do like the possibilities it gives.

It has two switchable loops. In one loop I have my Diezel VH4-2 working as a preamp and in the other I have my Peavey Classic's pre amp. This allows me to switch between which preamp I want to use whilst also keeping my delay and modulation effects in the FX loop - post preamp.

Guitar goes in to the input. Red loop sends to the VH4 and returns from the VH4 preamp output. Green loop sends to the front of the amp and returns from the FX loop send. That's the two preamp loops. The left switch toggles between each loop and the right switch bypasses both loops, which in my case means I have no preamp as the signal goes straight to the FX return via the delays - so I'll keep the right switch always on.

Then the output of the pedal goes to the modulation and delay pedals and then to the amp's FX return.

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I got my first guitar in about 95 and have been totally self taught. I stagnated massively for around 15 years in the middle when I infrequently played then got frustrated all I could do was some Nirvana power chords.

Started playing again around 5 years ago and had my guitar professionally setup - what a world of difference that made! I've made decent progress since but it's still all just the odd riff or solo here and there and there's a lot I can do a lot better. Using YouTube videos is only getting me so far and some 1 on 1 I hope will do the trick.

My wife started taking piano lessons and it inspired me to do the same for guitar. I'm sure it will be helpful even if they're going to rip my technique up and start again.

Have you had lessons or are you self taught? What helped the most for your playing?

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I thought I'd never see the day.

For King Tovalds and Country of FOSS OS's

I wear Arch, btw (lemmy.fwgx.uk)
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Wear Arch, but I run EndeavourOS. If EndeavourOS launched a line of shoes I'd probably wear them.

New Player Strat (i.imgur.com)
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A Player strat in black with maple neck. So far I'm pretty impressed. The neck is nice, the back is satin and the fretboard is glossy, but not sticky like I thought it might be. The electrics all seem high quality. Fit and finish all excellent and almost as good as my PRS SE. Came setup with the bridge very floating and the 9 gauge strings old and corroded, but whatever they were coming straight off either way.

I've already modded it to end up with the guitar I really wanted.

New single ply black pickguard, decked the trem, tightened the truss rod, and a new set of GHS Gilmour strings.

Now I'm very happy. I just love looking at it as much as playing it.

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