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Man if I get started saying money ruins everything I'd never get the chance to say anything else

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That would be super dumb. There should be some operator that relevant info is passed to either channel.

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If you work on a ladder, you've survived with one and told nobody.

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Blood sports and spoils would hugely improve polite discourse around any subject IMO.

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Stupid bollards

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Ostensibly better opsec

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Yeah if you have 10000 of one group of people and 10 of another, the bigger group is going to have more stuff going on.

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In America nobody cares about either thing actually.

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What is wrong with you

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I have no exact knowledge about why the gabgs appeared in Sweden

Finding that out will give you solutions to your problems


I hope they aren't continuing operations with the new businesses moving in.


Just watch the original roadhouse.


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I am looking for a jacket I could wear to work on a casual Friday.

Spacenoodle suggested Volante which looks like very good quality.


I am looking for a jacket I could wear to work on a casual Friday.


Just discussion prompt.

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