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This is how I see it too. It’s probably not gonna be a huge deal in the long run, unless there is evidence of sabotage. I suppose it’s also possible that they could pretend to have evidence if they’re looking for a casus belli, but based on recent events I don’t think they’re looking to escalate if they don’t feel they have to.

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In a lot of cases that’s true, but this flood is much larger than the usual flood zones that flood every few years. They got 15 feet of rain in a day, and have gotten a lot of rain since then. That’s enough water to just form a new lake.

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Reddit wants data, as personal and uniquely identifiable as possible, as collecting and selling that data is a core component of their business. To a significantly lesser degree they also want to minimize spam. VPNs reduce the amount of uniquely identifiable data they can collect (really just an IP address they/their customers can use to match your Reddit data to data from other sources. VPNs also reduce the efficacy of using IP blocks to stop spammers, but I really don’t think Reddit cares too strongly here unless the spam interrupts normal usage, as spam that looks human-like can be sold as user data.

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Just don’t provide the info. There’s no legitimate reason for Israel to be committing genocide against Palestinians and the US shouldn’t be complicit with it, let alone actively supporting it.

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It’s hard to say. I think it was obvious they planned to use ads and gold to break even, but it took many years to begin monetizing aggressively. Once new Reddit and the app came around, and they started making noise about an IPO, it became obvious.

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Scientific workloads often involve very large datasets. It might be high resolution data captured from various sensors, or it might be more “normal” data but in huge quantities. Assuming the data itself is high quality, larger datasets mean more accurate conclusions.

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While I’ve never given Reddit a penny, it was totally different back then. In those times, the site was much smaller, and buying gold got you r/lounge access and supported the site. They felt more community oriented and weren’t aggressively monetizing the service. Nowadays it’s like paying for Facebook or twitter, absolutely not.

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The fediverse is an excellent place to find training data for AIs. I would just set up a bot that follows a bunch of people and let them send their data to me, then I don’t even need to bother with scraping.

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To be fair if I ran a restaurant, I’d probably do this

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One difference between now and 100 years ago is that propaganda is way more effective. It can be pushed in real time on social media, and can be targeted towards specific demographics. That’s one of the reasons the US government is trying to ban TikTok, as it doesn’t follow the US’ propaganda diet, exposing people to unapproved opinions.

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That’s true for all commercial development. No company wants to invest more than they have to. Upstreaming does save time in the long run, but not in the short term.

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Great news, now deny port access to any Israeli affiliated ships!

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I want to be able to be create some image collages to share with friends from my iPhone. I’ve been searching around, but I’ve found that most every app requires an expensive subscription (often $40+ year) and many are limited to squares. I don’t need many features, just the minimum to put together a collage. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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