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That first name is despicable, I love it

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This is what we call a hot take

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If you parse out random words from the bee movie to fill in the fields and change IPs every few minutes, gonna be tough

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Kikuri gave her some box sake for her 17th birthday

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Grandma turning young again for real this time, the implications are interesting. How will they fix the ethereal hourglass? The foreshadowing was interesting and it seems like the episodes are starting to move an actual story.

Also the development between the Mino and Shouta was pretty strong this episode. They both seem to be very much interested in each other! And Shouta contemplating keeping the farm, his granddad busting out in tears, that was so sweet.

Another wholesome episode, can’t wait to see how next week plays out.

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Captain Marvel is MHA canon?

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This is when we find out rent is $4000/month

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I think the reason may be two-fold.

The first part, in the eyes of most older people, a man is not supposed to be emotional or give into their more “feminine” feelings. This means they don’t want their wives or children to be the ones that hear the things that concern them or probably scare them, deep down. Most of the stances of conservatives seem rooted in fear, not reason.

The second part is that you are another man, a younger man, and because they don’t know you well you are less risky to tell these things to. They can confide their fears in you because you are a young man, with a life ahead of you and you’ll give them an ear even if you don’t intend to. Really they are probably hoping someone will hear them even if they can’t really pour their hearts out.

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I think my main concern is FreeIPA’s longevity. As a tool, it’s rather outdated even in its latest version. It works, but the upkeep on it is not quite robust. Its implementation of AD standards are also limited. This is why I’m looking for an alternative to FreeIPA.

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Yeah, users in AD and the FreeIPA replacement essentially handles the SSH key management + middle-man the auth to Linux servers.

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I am trying to figure out how I can retain personal SSH keys (probably the most important part, or at least important to have an alternative connection method) while also having modern tools like SSO or at least SAML, some way to federate to different ADs.

I know there are a few things out there like Authentik and Authelia, but not 100% sure Authentik covers those needs above. Does anyone have experience with these or other modern LDAP alternatives that work well with Linux?

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Biological functions would also be impacted

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uvnc_service service is stopping. uvnc_service service was stopped successfully. Windows can check online for a solution to the problem.

Seriously, what is the utility of running these devices not meant for human interaction on Windows? This looks like it’s probably on embedded Windows.

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The original scene remade. There’s something about it that’s just amazing, the original and the remake. They capture the feelings of adventure and excitement the game’s open world gave me when I first played it.

As I get older, I remember seeing this in the game booklet in all its blocky PS1 pre-rendered graphical glory and just being in awe. Even now, it still compels me.

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I haven't done any technical calculations. On a quick glance I'd say all of this parking is about half the size of the park itself. Very little parking inside the main park boundaries, which is mostly for service vehicles (these spaces aren't highlighted).

Just something I was curious about, it's wild how much we accommodate, and how much space we waste, for cars.

Edit: not shown is the large lot southeast of the park. It is about three times the size of the lot to the southwest. There are other lots further outside the picture that add additional parking space not shown. Thanks to RvTV95XBeo for pointing this out.

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I was reading a discussion about UG and how their money-seeking practices are rather poor, for lack of better words.

Does anyone know if there is an open-source database of tabs and chord charts, or perhaps some kind of aggregator for community contributions?

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