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Or the butlerian jihad

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Though I share your shareholders are bad sentiment, it ain't that simple

Apple has the most cash out of any company in the world and they're still "giving their profit to shareholders"

you shall not pass (
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No, the original answer is incomplete. Search results are only the communities a given instance has loaded/ cached in the past.

To load a new community you must directly open it by typing this into your Url bar

It will load the community and then it will show in search results, unless it's defederated

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The 1800s called they want you back

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No idea I don't play wild but standard is less bad than it used to be imo as a lot of the core/free cards are used in meta decks

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Nah I'm not saying to force my one instance to cache all communities

I'm saying a feature on the app that lets me search all communities in a site that already indexes them, like lemmyverse

And then once I've found thr community ive searched for, a feature to load just that one community from my instance to add it to my subs or peruse, not every community.

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Yup but a feature built into the app to search lemmyverse and be able to pull in missing communities to your instance would make this the best lemmy app by patching a huge hole in the fediverse

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My biggest gripe with *lemmy is the community search only brings up communities that have already been cached by the instance you're on

At first I would search for communities and be shocked that there's so many that don't exist until I realized I have to manually go on my browser and type myserverurl/c/communityIFoundSomewhereElse@ItsInstance if im the first one from my instance to want to sub to that community

Is there a site that can search all communities that this app can communicate to, then force my instance to cache from a search result?

Would make this app really stand out

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As an enrage warrior myself lemme tell you my win rate is not good enough for you to be frustrated

And at least when i do win 90% of the time it's by turn 6 or 7 in a short game

I'll play 40 minute games against control priests and lose 90% of the time, now that's torture

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Wait they might be right this one time


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