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You can grow lots of fruit or veggies into a mold. I'm guessing that's what this is. Not enough toes to be AI.

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That sounds like a great question for the highest court in the country. Wait a minute...

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I can confirm this is related to the 0.19.4 update. The bug goes away if I downgrade my instance.

That said, it was extra bad with the beta because I think they never got marked read but now that the final release is cut and I've upgraded, they're being marked read on refresh.

I think. It's possible I just missed that it was working on refresh on beta6 too.

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I wish this wasn't so true.

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Better yet you can configure gitignore globally for git. I do this mostly to avoid polluting repo ignore files with my editor specific junk but *.key and similar can help prevent accidents.


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Right, but AI is not the only way they're doing the data collection.

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It's cool, it's probably just self extracting. For convenience!

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Arch. Not even once.

For reals though, it's my favorite distro because it taught me a bunch and also, once I understood that bit, it really is the only one that just worked on all my machines at the time, 15 years ago.

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You're approaching the limit of possible upvotes on Lemmy pretty soon here.

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It's promotion-driven development at its finest.

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Oh man, they'd be super offended by your comment if they could afford Internet. And read.

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Elon musk surprised shareholders with this HOT investment trick.

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For a search company I can't believe how terrible the Android app search is. I can't even search "bank" for my banking apps, and there doesn't really seem to be any metadata except for the title that goes into the search. Which is absolutely ridiculous given how many companies name their apps something cReAtIvE like "home" or "Resideo" or "Smart Hq." I just want to search GE for the damn GE app. Or "thermostat" for Resideo. Surely there's something beyond surface level here because obviously this is an extensively solved problem. How is there not metadata or description searching at minimum? My only guess is fear of abuse but Google has definitely dealt with that for their entire existence and up until recently, managed to handle it fine.

The Sign (lemmy.stuart.fun)
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For context, in case you don't have kids (therefor you probably don't watch Bluey), the family in the car (the Heelers) was selling their house to move for a job but ultimately, the dad (Bandit) decided staying at their house with family was more important. As a final act of demonstration, he lifts the for-sale sign out of the ground and throws it onto the street, with emotional montage music playing in the background.

Basically the meme being, I reject this and I'll figure out another way.

Thankfully historical Hashicorp code has been permissively licensed and we have awesome forks like opentofu and openbao.

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Until now I've avoided almost everything to do with combat so I guess this is my introduction.

Poor lower decks crew (lemmy.stuart.fun)
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My wife made this template and meme and it's too good not to share on the better social media platform.

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Sources say the decision was made by how long interns spent in each editor. In fact, it appears the vim users simply never exited once they opened the program, presumably because they found it so productive.

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This smaller food scoop is MURDER.

Bono my routines are gone (lemmy.stuart.fun)
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I had an issue logging into Twitch last night for the first time in a while. I just didn't get any 2FA messages delivered to me, until about 12 hours later when I was asleep and they were probably long invalidated. and now suddenly I can't log in to my MVD either. Apparently there's some sort of SMS short+long code outage (according to the twilio status page in North America, which is mildly infuriating when this is already shown to be a pretty sketchy 2FA mechanism, at least theoretically.

Just curious if anybody else has noticed issues or if that's just me. And also, I really hate SMS 2FA.

Once a week every week (lemmy.stuart.fun)
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Love hurts (lemmy.stuart.fun)
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She legitimately said "he seemed well adjusted." After telling me he looked a lot like me 15 years ago.

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