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Let's see em doordash that

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And less shit to deal with.

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Dogs can poop at night...

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In my 50s. I've never been in a fight. I've gotten into confrontations a few times.

First was a guy on an off road trail. I was leading a group and one of em broke down and blocked the trail. Some cranky, leathery old fuck was being a dick about us being in the way. It had already been a stressful moment in a stressful day in a stressful week and I was fucking done and lost it. Couple of the guys had to keep me from getting in his face. I very, very rarely lose control. I wished I hadn't and In retrospect I can totally see his point. But also he could have been less of a dick about it. And I should have been the mature guy and ignored his gnarled ass. I was 30 something.

Some shitheads were in a car honking, yelling at, and harassing my wife who was trying to park while I was across the street on the sidewalk. I was really pissed and repeatedly yelled at them to gtfo (more or less) until they finally left. I suppose they could've had a gun and shot me and that would've been a suboptimal outcome... And my wife can take care of herself. So mild regret on that one.

That's the only times that jump to mind where I actually got really angry. There may have been times I am forgetting where someone was pissed at me or something and I de-escalated instead of escalating.

I would be more careful now. Why? It's too big of a risk. I spent a lot of time playing out various scenarios and thinking about confrontations when I decided to carry a concealed firearm. It's a huge responsibility and cannot be taken lightly. I felt morally and ethically obligated to avoid conflict, let alone escalation, at all costs. (ETA: The obvious exception is a case of legitimate self defense where someone intends to harm me or mine)

I no longer carry but it was extremely valuable to spend the time contemplating confrontations and potential outcomes. Even though I've never been a hothead (like my dad was) or thought I was some badass, I still realized I should be more careful.

Two major confrontations and zero fights in all these years isn't too bad but I could've handled both better.

I hope to do better going forward.

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"When he reached the New World, Cortezh burned hish ships. Ash a reshult hish men were well motivated." —Capt. Ramius, played by Sean Connery in The Hunt for Red October

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Now what was I going to make ...last Tuesday?

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Appreciate that. Will fix.

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I'm in the process of reading this (and a dozen other books lol). Interesting so far. Haven't formed opinions yet. But definitely appreciate ~~Bell Hooks~~ bell hooks for having tackled this subject.

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But I'm not bisexual, horny or...well, just those two.

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Great article. Also pretty sad to see what we've ended up with in the name of business. Maybe if humanity survived another few hundred years we will look back on this time of corporations with disgust.

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This only applies if you're not extremely wealthy, though.

So there's that.


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I am not on a VPN. The error appears from Android Firefox (with adblock disabled) when I browse and select an image to the Fountain Pens community (have not tried others). Any help much appreciated.

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Figured I would dust off one of my Vacumatic pens today so I could share a pic. It's got a gold EF nib and is currently inked with Quink Black. The color is "Golden Pearl," my favorite of the stacked celluloid color options. It's date code is "7" which could mean '37 or '47.

These pens are mesmerizing in person when you rotate them in nice lighting.

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Interesting development here in Colorado regarding Trump and the 14th amendment.

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