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Yes, because we all know that prostitutes are never victims of human trafficking. Stupid clickbait.

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These are novelty mailers. I recently had a friend move, and my housewarming present to him was getting "Trucker Nuts Magazine" complete with used underwear mailed to him. I also made sure to require a signature upon delivery.

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Or knowledge. Keeping their constituents dumb and illiterate is the only way they can get votes.

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Ask them politely to lower it. If they don't, you have two options:

A. Leave your seat to go find a security guard, missing part of the show in the process and potentially having this person fuck with you for the rest of the show in retaliation.

B. Rip that shit straight out of their hands and toss it to the lower arena. They'll have no idea who did it because their view was blocked by their umbrella. Don't have to miss a second of the show.

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Whew, had to do a triple-take on that post title lmao.

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It's simple. Him and his policies and actions hurt the most vulnerable of communities. I wish we could see him brutally beaten to death by the folks he's disenfranchised, but I guess we'll have to settle for watching him stroke out and shit his pants on television.

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Get out of here with that defeatist attitude lol. There's this little browser called Firefox. They take privacy and ad-blocking very seriously, and the browser is excellent and faster than Chrome now.

I made the switch about six months ago and never looked back, and I am deep in the Googlesphere.

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Why isn't the interviewer calling out his bullshit to his face? This is how you get the lowest common denominator to believe this garbage.

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Yeah I don't believe a damn thing from wegotthiscovered. Not saying this isn't true or didn't happen, but use a legitimate source. This website literally makes shit up for clicks.

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I'll start. I have recently gotten into 3D printing, and, while incredibly frustrating sometimes, there's nothing more rewarding than getting a perfect print.

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If I wanted to see content from my racist Trumper uncle, I would just create a Facebook account. Keep Threads far away from the rest of the Fediverse. We don't need to compete with them. Who cares if they're way bigger with way more content if 99% of that content is garbage?

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Worked for a shitty MSP in a large Midwestern city. They started hiring more managers, more "executives," they brought in consultants to make us more efficient, hired folks fresh out of college to tell us how to do our jobs - people that didn't know the first thing about tech - then decided they were going to make us start coming back into the office because they were salty that they dropped a couple of million on a new office a month before the pandemic.

I quiet quit, collected that sweet severance and unemployment (with the pandemic bonus) for a year, and was making more money than when I was working. I found all sorts of new hobbies in that year, and eventually found a job with a massive corporation. I work from home 3 days a week. I go into the office twice a week now, but said office is right in the middle of downtown and my view from my desk is insane, so I don't really mind. No one else really goes into the office anyways, so it's a nice two day quiet time each week. Also, I doubled my salary and have triple the PTO now. Fuck Framework IT.

Good text-based communities? (self.nostupidquestions)
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Hey folks!

Recent Reddit refugee here. I loved subreddits like r/AskReddit, r/BestOfRedditorUpdates, and r/AmITheAsshole. Are there any communities here that are similar text dumps, and actually populated? It seems like most equivalents just have a handful of posts.


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But surely the Leopards Eating Faces Party would never eat MY face!

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