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Maybe I haven't been clear enough.

I have no objection to Cloudflare or any other service provider dropping a risky or unprofitable customer. That's normal and fair in business.

What I don't like is their apparent poor communication and failure to provide a clear (and reasonably distant) deadline so that the author's company could find a solution that avoided downtime. Were I on that company's board, I'd likely be pretty unhappy with the author for not having a contingency plan prepared in advance, but as a third-party observer my main takeaway is that if I rely on Cloudflare and they suddenly decide they don't like something I'm doing, I'm screwed.

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Again, I'm not seeing an unambiguous TOS violation here. They have some catch-all stuff about creating an undue burden and an even broader clause saying, essentially they can drop any customer without cause. I have no doubt Cloudflare is legally in the clear, but when I read about something like this, I think I wouldn't set anything important up with Cloudflare as a critical part of its infrastructure.

Of course, the author could be leaving out a bunch of context to make himself look good.

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I did a quick search through Cloudflare's TOS and did not find anything about gambling. What was the TOS violation here?

What I'm seeing is Cloudflare communicating very poorly about what actions the customer would need to take to keep their site operating, why, and what the timeline would be. "We've determined operating your casino website on Cloudflare IP addresses is an unacceptable risk to our other customers and we require that you upgrade to an Enterprise plan within two weeks or your service will be terminated" is clear, concise, and I believe entirely fair. What they did here makes me think they're an unreliable and unpredictable service provider.

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If you're signed in to a Google account on an Android device with Google Play Services installed, a VPN will not hide your location from Google because the device has several ways to determine your location other than your IP address. You might be able to disable Google's location services permissions on the device, and if you're just going for a casual privacy upgrade, that should give you one.

If you really don't want Google knowing where you are, you probably can't use a phone with Google Play Services on it, as it integrates itself fairly deeply into the OS and can't necessarily be trusted to follow the permissions model in the future, even if it can be shown to do so today. Avoiding that means installing a third-party Android build on your phone. Note that a lot of third-party apps rely on Google services, and while an open source substitute exists, it's not always a smooth experience.

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The public should not care what Kyle Rittenhouse thinks and we should not amplify a stupid thing he said.

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I looked over the metrics in the article and none of them approximate what percentage of Americans are struggling to pay their bills. That number probably closely approximates the percentage who think the economy isn't doing well. This is a different situation from people wrongly believing crime rates are high.

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One of the things that makes IR dangerous is that there's no blink reflex, but that's a problem when it's IR-only, or the IR is much more powerful than the visible light. There have been cases of green lasers where the IR significantly exceeds the visible light and the advertised power level, but that's not what was measured here.

The total power is under 5mW, which is low-risk even with a brief, accidental direct eye exposure.

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This review actually tested the laser's output and found it to be 2mW, which should be fine for pets if you're not pointing it directly into their eyes (which I assume you wouldn't).

My one concern is that green lasers are actually diode pumped solid state lasers which produce green light by frequency-doubling infrared, and some designs can actually emit much more infrared than green. I'm not sure if the author tested for infrared.

Edit: I asked the author about IR and they got 2.1mW@1064nm, with the caveat that the laser power meter may not be very precise at low power levels. That's probably not dangerous.

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Instant message apps just got replaced with Whatsapp, Signal, etc.

Alternately, Whatsapp, Signal, etc... are instant message apps. I'm a little surprised none of the messaging apps that had been popular on PCs managed to stay popular on mobile.

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People are still using that shit because other people they want to interact with are still using that shit. Network effects are hard to break.

I occasionally use it to complain at corporations, mostly when their websites show me captchas but occasionally for other customer service issues.

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more and more human labor to “pay back the debts” of previous generations

There is no law of economics stating that a generation of people has to consume more than it produces.

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While older laws concerning statutory rape criminalize sex with children by way of the idea that they cannot consent to sex, modern laws concerning sexual abuse of children usually don't reference the concept of consent. This allows for more severe penalties when there's actually no consent, as the offender can also be charged with sexual assault.

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I often use a commercial VPN service, which I suspect is not rare among Lemmy users. Most of the time, I'm able to post to lemmy.world, but on occasion I am not. The default web UI provides zero feedback, just a spinning submit button forever, but if I look in the browser dev tools, I can see it's being blocked.

I understand that some limitations are necessary to prevent spam and other abuse, however this is a very blunt instrument. The fact that I have a 10 month old account with consistent activity should outweigh any IP address reputation issues.

Perhaps the VPN limitations could be narrowed in scope to cover only account creation and posts from young accounts.

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If I want to quickly pitch "you should follow X, Y, and Z using RSS because [problems with social media]" to people who have never heard of RSS, what readers should I recommend?

I want at least web (not self-hosted), Android, and iOS options. Native apps for Mac and Windows would be nice as well. Linux users probably already know what RSS is.

There absolutely must be a free option good for at least 25 feeds because unfamiliar tech is a hard enough sell without having to pay. I'll grudgingly accept ads if that's the tradeoff for something beginner-friendly.

submitted 7 months ago by Zak to c/support

When I attempt to upload images to lemmy.world via the desktop web UI, I get the following error message:

SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data

Looking at network traffic in dev tools, I see that I'm getting a 403 page from Cloudflare saying:

Sorry, you have been blocked You are unable to access lemmy.world Why have I been blocked? This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks....

I also get error messages when trying to upload images using Connect and Sync on an Android device. I successfully uploaded images in the past.

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We just hit 2000 subscribers! I’d like to thank everyone for showing up here to create a new community, and what better way than giving stuff away?

I’m giving away the Nitecore MH10 v2 I reviewed. I can ship it anywhere in the USA or EU, but EU winners will have to wait until mid September. This is a basic, beginner-friendly flashlight that can accept almost all 18650 and 21700 batteries.

To enter, leave a top-level comment on this post before midnight UTC on Sunday, August 27, 2023. Only accounts that have posted or commented on /c/flashlight prior to this being posted are eligible to win.

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cross-posted from: https://lemmy.world/post/1730120

Caught a cute moment on film. Look at that balance!

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  • Skilhunt M150 v2 (519A swap)
  • Kershaw Launch 5
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I just updated my Mastodon server to the latest version due to a security vulnerability. I got a 500 page and error:0308010C:digital envelope routines::unsupported in the logs from mastodon-web.

I could reproduce by running bin/webpack from the command line. Some searching led me to try Node 16 LTS, but then I get an apparently blank page when I load the site and call to eval() blocked by CSP in the browser console.

The API works normally; this only affects the website.

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I want a folding knife that can get away with most most of the things I know better than to do with a folding knife. That leads to specific criteria:

  • Price: under $100, lower is better. I might break it.
  • Lock: crossbar, backlock, compression, or something similarly strong. Not liner/frame/button. I might want to trust the lock more than is prudent.
  • Steel: tough stainless like AEB-L, 14C28N, or Nitro-V. I might baton through salt-driftwood with it and put it away wet. See toughness chart.
  • Blade: Ideally 3.25-2.5" (85-90mm) and a tip that isn't dainty. I might pry with it.
  • Pivot: washers, not bearings. I might get mud in it.
  • I dislike thumbstuds, but will accept them if they're not in the cutting path.
Update: Olight paid me (self.flashlight)
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Less than 24 hours after yesterday's post, an Olight rep got in touch by email. A few hours after that, they sent the full payment.

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