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I'm only going to answer the first part of your question, not the AI/generated part.

No one really chooses what or who they're attracted to; it kind of just happens to you. For example, you might be watching a TV show and someone gets lightly, comically spanked... and suddenly a light bulb goes off above your head and you think, "whoa, that might actually be kinda fun." People are wired in ways we don't understand to want things we don't even know we want.

To that extent, pedophiles are themselves victims of their own desires; there's no "logic" behind it. It's simply an urge they experience.

Of course that doesn't make succumbing to this urge excusable, and any children who are impacted are of course victims and the pedophiles, predators. But no one is training pedophiles in pedophile camp. It's just humans being human, unfortunately.

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Out of the top collections, the most common price for an NFT is now $5-$10.

Still overpriced!

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I migrated entirely to Lemmy and I don't regret it. I do miss the amount of content on Reddit, but at least I know I'm not supporting them anymore.

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Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation will probably eradicate polio.

Before people jump on the bandwagon about how Gates is evil and problematic, that there are no virtuous billionaires, and a government or an NGO or an equivalent should have been the one to do it... I know. But the question was "name one billionaire that's done anything good," and I think it's pretty difficult to argue that eradicating polio isn't good.

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All we need to do is find a woman bigger, faster, and stronger than him, and then he's officially a woman by his own legislation.

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Most defederation isn’t because people are disagreeing though. It’s because the people they’re defederating from are assholes.

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It’s always the people you most suspect.

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Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful. — Seneca

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Both of these have been journalism then and now. Fluff pieces have existed since literally the earliest days of journalism. And obviously we have reporters still going to Afghanistan and Ukraine despite enormous risks to their own personal safety.

So… meh.

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Similarly to lemmy.ca and lemmy.world, we are also unfederated from hexbear.

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I want to imagine Republicans actually care about driving out good teachers. But getting rid of education is probably just a win for them.

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It's been almost exactly two months since I started lib.lgbt so I thought it would be a good time to assess how people are liking the instance and Lemmy in general.

So... How are people liking Lemmy so far? Any comments/concerns about lib.lgbt itself?

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Earlier I defederated us from sh.itjust.works. They seem like they haven't done anything problematic or concerning for a few months now though, and they have a tech community I wouldn't mind reading. Would people be interested in refederation?

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The UI still shows being on 0.18.3 though I upgraded that as well, not sure why.

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As other instances have done, we also are defederating from what appears to be a server taken over by alt-right and neo-Nazi content. Or an exploding-heads proxy. Or both.

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Just thought people might want to know I upgraded this instance this morning!

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Yeah it's truly awful.

The worst part is how disingenuous it is. It clearly exists because Google:

  1. Wants to circumvent ad-blockers since ads are its primary business model, and
  2. Link butts in chairs more closely to web browsers so they can sell better advertisement targeting.

If they just said they were doing it because they're an advertising company and they need better ads targeted to people, at least they would have the benefit of honesty. And in that case you might actually get some big sites on-board; like if a site can explicitly say "I need to recoup hosting fees and the only way for me to do that is targeted advertising and that makes this easier/better" there's actually a value proposition there.

But don't pretend this is for the benefit of consumers or the Internet overall, and definitely don't cloak your meaning behind vague platitudes about identity authenticity.

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I don't want to unfederate from this instance, but the times it's sending across the Fediverse are totally wrong and result in content appearing out-of-order.

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The current frontend lib.lgbt used is lemmy-ui. However, there’s no particular reason we should stay on that one other than that it’s the official frontend.

I saw a cool list with screenies of other frontend possibilities and was wondering if we should switch to one. Does anyone have any preferences?

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This instance does not have custom emoji enabled, so lib.lgbt was not compromised by the hack that compromised lemmy.world and blahaj.zone.

Nevertheless I updated us to 0.18.2-rc1 which has a patch for the vulnerability in question, just in case.

Downvotes? (lib.lgbt)
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Currently downvotes are disabled here because I’m a big softie. But I have found myself missing them every now and again…

Should we enable downvotes on this instance? Why or why not?

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‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens

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