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Oof, sorry this took so long to actually go through - federation with consistently runs behind by upwards of 20 hours lately.

I'm also not in a position to play the game any time soon, but I'm bumping this thread in hopes that somone will see it and help you out!

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Yeah, it's hard to speak in defense of their comms over the past few years.

I've never had an overly bad impression of Bakish, though - at the very least, he didn't make a total ass of himself during the strikes, and seems better than, say, Zaslav over at Warner.

But as always, there are no true "good guys" at this level.

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the Klingon(?) lady

Efrosian, apparently!

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At this point, I want whatever's going to happen to happen already...

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Clicked for the Klingon/Andorian hockey game, was not disappointed.

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Yeah...Susan Twist played Isaac Newton's maid in "Wild Blue Yonder," the woman requesting a song at the bar in "The Church on Ruby Road," one of the recorded station crew members in "Space Babies," the tea server in "The Devil's Chord," and now the ambulance.

There's no obvious connection between any of these, and in two of them, she didn't interact with the Doctor or Ruby in any way. It's curious.

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Not loving the gory bits though, doctor basically kissed a mutilated dead body at the end there…

Yeah, those things were pretty gross. I couldn't stop wondering what they felt like...

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Turns out holographic facsimiles of people you know get bored, too.

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Captain Picard falls asleep; dreams of some dead people.

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I thought I was going to like it a lot, and it surpassed my expectations.

It's a Moffat episode, through and through - I didn't expect him to bring back the Anglican Marines, but I guess that's a favourite idea of his. On top of that, we have pointed critiques of the military-industrial complex, algorithmic decision-making, and capitalism as a whole. All as subtle as a sledgehammer, just the way I like it.

This one was a really great showcase for Ncuti, allowing him to go places he hasn't had to in the previous episodes.

Susan Twist has appeared in every episode since "Wild Blue Yonder," but this is the first time the Doctor has come face-to-face with her, so it's good to see some movement on that front.

What was the deal with the Doctor losing his keys at the end? Could it have something to do with the fact that Varada Sethu has already been announced as a companion for season two?

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LoglineCaught in the middle of a devastating war on Kastarion 3, the Doctor is trapped when he steps on a landmine. Can he save himself and Ruby, plus the entire planet... without moving?

Written by: Steven Moffat

Directed by: Julie Anne Robinson

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Nice little interview, but I'll single out this bit for, uh, reasons:

You’ve talked about the fan perception that Billie Piper’s Rose was treated exceptionally among Doctor Who’s companions but how you yourself never really were consciously trying to write her as being special. Donna Noble grew into being a very distinct companion, but with Ruby, there’s a textual uniqueness to her pretty much right from when we’re introduced to her. What’s been some of the thinking behind your approaching your evolving approach to fleshing out companions?

I think with Ruby, it’s not so much her character or her spirit but that she has a stronger story than I’ve ever given a companion before, and it unfolds in this huge way. But Rose, Donna, Martha, and now Ruby do have one thing in common, which is that I’m initially presenting them as the most ordinary people. That’s the joy of Doctor Who. I think one of the strengths of Star Trek — and I’m a very big Discovery fan — is you’ve got to be the best to be aboard the Enterprise. You are the elite. You are the best of the best of the best. Even the Lower Decks are very good. I think that’s true of American society, which is very aspirational.

Star Trek always feels very demotic and down to earth, but if I was alive in the 24th century, they wouldn’t let me on the ship. They’d say, “No, you’re banned. You’re a fire hazard. Get out.” But the joy of Doctor Who is that the TARDIS could land on a street corner and take anyone. That’s what I used to think when I was walking home from school every day — stepping into the TARDIS and escaping the ordinary. There was nothing wrong with my life and nothing to escape from, but who doesn’t want to go to those endless horizons? That’s what my companions have in common.

Ruby, bless her, turns out to be wonderful and brave and, yes, very special. But her actual life’s very small. She lives with her mum and her gran. She’s earning 50 pounds playing a keyboard in bars. She’s living a low-key life before she meets the Doctor, and it’s only after she embarks on these adventures that her specialness comes to the fore.

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The Breen might have the ability to destroy the Archive, but with Discovery gone, it wouldn’t gain them anything and how ever long it took them would be time lost for chasing Discovery.

That's a hell of a gamble if your objective is to protect civilians (and likely a gamble they would lose, considering the Breen's actions).

why didn’t Discovery prepare a fake clue?

I think the answer is the same - it's not something you want to screw around with if you're trying to save lives.

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Once again, I can confirm that this giveaway is legitimate - good luck!

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LoglineWhen Captain Burnham is trapped within a “mindscape” designed to test her worthiness to retrieve the Progenitor’s powerful technology, Book, Rayner, and the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery must hold off the Breen long enough for her to escape.

Written by: Lauren Wilkinson & Eric J. Robbins

Directed by: Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour

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