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For example maybe you need a working time machine at your destination, such that the earliest point possible to travel to is the moment the first time machine was switched on.

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The inherent flaw is that the dataset needs to be both extremely large and vetted for quality with an extremely high level of accuracy. That can't realistically exist, and any technology that relies on something that can't exist is by definition flawed.

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It can be both gruesome and painless. Something where you wouldn't even know what happened, but the person unlucky enough to clean up would be scarred for life.

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Let me guess, along party lines?

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It's worth clarifying that the Palestinian civilians are not Hamas though. It's also misleading to say they elected them democratically, as the median Palestinian was a literal infant when the last election happened, and nearly half weren't even born.

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"Ah yes, the start of World War 1."

"World War what now?"

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I wouldn't trust Sony to have kernel access.

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Of course. Good thing those that work forces and those that burn crosses are two entirely different groups and totally do not overlap.

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Remember when every platform renamed PMs to DMs and everyone who pointed out that they're trying to remove the expectation of privacy was "paranoid"?

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Remember the 13 billion years before you were born? More of that.

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I remember how people used to joke about the second page of Google results being a desolate wasteland where no one ever looks, now I just instinctively scroll down a bit because I know the first page of results is going to be trash.

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