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Were getting one soon as well and adding an electric boiler to work with our solar panels.

Water is only €1.13/1000L here so showering costs about 1 cent a minute water wise.

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Water isn't that expensive right? Heating the water is what makes it expensive.

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Why pick him up? You could probably hop on and ride away in case of an emergency.

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I'm still convinced I can climb higher ledges ingame when i look slightly upwards irl.

Ducking also makes me harder to hit for sure.

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I honestly thought the platforming was a nice change of pace especially when playing on higher difficulty settings. But I can definitely see someone just waiting until they can go on a demon shooting rampage again.

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Too many to count

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Already has the best range stats out of all the classes, uses the intelligence stat to boost it even further.

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Ah, yeah I sure hope it does

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And there is a lot of fake stuff when looking for their products as well.

Took me multiple tries to get some genuine? ptm7950, or at least one that actually works.

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My 3d printer could use some 220v 3 phase motors for sure.

No reason for it except that i want to know at what speed linear rails start melting.

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Some humour transcends lifetimes, we were carving dicks into walls before the first century.

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Not saying i wouldn't rather have had a car to move shit around but it's certainly doable for some things.

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