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The sweating and shaking is the parts I haven't heard before, but as someone who has smoked a lot of weed and quit a few times, the problems with sleeping were definitely a thing for me. I've also worked in the industry for a while and have heard restlessness affecting other people who quit.

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It's pretty obviously a dumb joke.

Even if it was completely serious, it just becomes a dumb statement. Its just showing how everything can be reworded to be presented as a binary choice like this. It doesn't actually say anything bad about people for identifying any sort of way.

For example, there are a lot of species birds, but they can all be described by the binary choices of: Is Crow, or Not Crow. Still, its very obvious to anyone with a brain that it's not the most helpful way to classify things.

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I guess nobody's gonna ask why you just happen to have a picture of the Space Jam movie poster on your hard drive?

Not that I have a problem with that. I actually have the opposite of a problem with that.

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Missed my perd. Am pregart?

[-] [email protected] 2 points 2 days ago

Pretty decent mountain bike trails, as well, if anybody is into that sort of thing.

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A lot of ant-renewable sentiment.

I'm just imagining they just leave sugary drinks and snacks laying out in the open.

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I agree that the girl who is singing is decent, but idk how you could say the song 'slaps'. It sounds like a kids bop remake of a reggae song or something.

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This is the funniest thing I have read all year. Still chortling at the thought. Thank you.

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To be fair, if they really, honestly, stick to one or two drinks, they should be under the legal limit in most places in the US. This depends on their weight and the strength of the drinks, too, but anyone over 120 pounds is normally still under the limit after 2 average strength beers.

The problem is that it's easy and tempting to overdo it, but as long as they have self discipline to not ever drink too much, it can be fine.

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Microdosing LSD is a common thing nowadays in the tech world. It definitely increases your creativity and mental energy, so it makes sense. Your friend was probably ahead of the curve. I'm not sure if the idea was as popular back then.

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Oh yea things like, 'not harming children' , and 'do not rape', are cringe. Good thing, the based Christian bible allows you do those things.

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