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If I recall, it's between 3x and 10x as expensive to build buried lines versus overhead, tending more towards the high end of that number in existing built-out neighborhoods where there's a lot of existing stuff in the right-of-way that needs to be removed or worked around somehow.

The real problem that folks have been bringing up is for-profit electric utilities ignoring line maintenance and instead just pocketing as profit the funds that should have paid for that work. Lots of folks in my area have noted that the utility used to regularly trim trees near the lines, but that work basically stopped after it merged into a larger regional power company. Even when people would call to report branches basically draped over the lines, the utility would ignore the issue.

For what it's worth, I live in a relatively small pocket where power is provided by a county public utility, and the outages in our area were much less severe and power was restored to all but one or two people within a day. The utility board is far from perfect, but in this case they performed significantly better than their for-profit peer around us.

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I've got the good fortune to have an >800 credit score, and even the offers I've seen from "status symbol" card issuers have had bonkers-high interest even when the Fed was holding the prime rate close to zero. The lowest I've ever seen was still around 15%, and even at that "low" rate you'd have to be truly desperate to carry a balance. Even unsecured personal loans tend to carry interest rates at half of what a credit card offers.

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Can't take credit -- it was originally coined by Gertrude Stein -- but it's a very apt turn of phrase to describe the placelessness of American suburbia.

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I live in an old, once-redlined streetcar suburb, and my folks are about a half hour away in a new, nearly-exurban tract home development. They love to see their grandson and are happy to babysit him when my wife and I want a date night, but we've just about stopped taking them up on that offer because every restaurant in a reasonable distance from their neighborhood is some mediocre, mid-market national chain that's utterly devoid of charm, serving plates that have been ruthlessly value-engineered to minimize the need for specialized equipment or skilled talent in the kitchen. The area is quiet, I guess, and I'm sure the land was cheap, but there's no there there.

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Okay, body slams are out, but what about The People's Elbow?

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I mean, if nothing else they got Republicans to embrace gun control.

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The oldest car I've dailied was a Honda CRX that was just shy of 20 years old when I sold it. Supply was getting sparse on the ground, but I could get even some rare, single-model-year, variant-specific parts from the dealership parts counter until right around the end of my ownership.

Currently I'm driving a 17-year-old Fit and honestly, I'm not too worried. Even if I can't get something new, it's right about in the sweet spot for junkyard availability.

If you hard. (lemmyf.uk)
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Problem is that if you're looking for FOSS software outside of the absolute most mainstream use cases, that type of software is the only available option. GIMP and Inkscape have been mentioned but throw FreeCAD into the ring as well. Shotcut and Kdenlive are passable, but don't quite measure up to the commercial alternatives.

My particular hobby horse is CFD code. OpenFOAM is fantastic from a technical standpoint, but until recently, to actually use it you either had to buy a commercial front-end, or literally write C++ header files to set up your cases. There's a heroic Korean developer who's put together a basic but very functional front-end GUI in the last year to change that, but it only covers relatively straightforward cases at the moment.

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It's fun to mock sovcit whackos, but this is the sort of thing that gives them the idea that there are magic words they can invoke that let them wallhack through the legal system. The judicial system has spent literally hundreds of years working hand-in-glove with police and prosecutors to make it as difficult as possible for the everyday citizen to exercise the legal rights that protect you from them, and only by knowing exactly how to navigate the legal labyrinth set up between you and those rights can you actually use them.

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Fun fact! In America, bartenders are more likely to die due to a violent incident at work than police are. Overall many trades are deadlier than policing, including fishing, forestry, and roofing.

So when we as a society decide it's acceptable for roofers to only fix the shingles they can reach from the ground and lumberjacks to only fell trees less than 15' tall, I'll give cops a pass for half-assing their jobs and treating their own personal safety as more important than that of the public they claim to serve and protect. Until then I would tell them to suck it up, put on their big boy pants, and actually try and do what we collectively pay through the nose for them to do, and deal with the kind of oversight and accountability that they have so far fought tooth and nail to avoid.

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As the parent of a toddler, there have been a lot of these lately between Ukraine, Gaza, the earthquake in Turkey and any of a dozen other natural disasters and brutal wars of ethnic cleansing, and I don't expect the pace to slow down soon.

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Good for you. In 2008 I went from having standing offers for paid internships at a half-dozen architecture firms to not knowing of a single open entry-level position in a 500 mile radius, and it stayed that way for almost three years. I graduated in 2010 and spent the next year mostly-unemployed in my parents' spare bedroom, applying to every listing for a fresh-out position nationwide and not getting so much an automated courtesy email to let me know my resume didn't make it the top of the pile of hundreds of others doing the exact same thing. I spent a year working for less than minimum wage as an illegally-misclassified "contractor" sorting mail and running errands, just to get an architecture firm on my resume. My best friend from architecture school became a barista and joined the National Guard to cover his student loan payments, and didn't land a job in the field he spent five years training to enter for another five years.

Inflation sucks right now, but this is a fucking cakewalk compared to the Great Recession. Lucky for you that you were in a position to capitalize on the misfortune of others, but don't forget for a second that millions of us went through years of misery.

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I know I shouldn't be wasting brain cells on this AI-generated boomer-bait, but I have so many questions:

  • How is the guy in the middle holding that comically-oversized Bible with such a limp-wristed grip? That much onion-skin paper and leather binding must weight like 80 pounds at least. At a minimum I think he'd be tearing the thing in half under its own weight.
  • This looks like it's supposed to be some kind of parade, but you'd think the honor guard would be in dress uniform instead of full tactical gear. Are they protecting the Bible-Bearer from some crazed terrorist hell-bent on a pointless gesture?
  • If so, why all the pomp and circumstance, and why doesn't Heavy Bible Guy get body armor too? Is this an Raiders of the Lost Ark scenario where the Bible has its own supernatural protective powers?
  • If the guy on the right is serving the USA, then what's the guy on the left's "USE" badge mean?
  • If May 2024 is my best year, what will July 2024 be?
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For serious, though, I pointed out after Austin last year that cutting across the entire track at the first turn of the first lap is awful racecraft from Sainz, and got shouted down by Russell-haters.

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