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You made three claims:

  1. Fueling the child addiction will harden the persons mental health problem.

  2. One of the ways to help a person with such addiction, is to replace it with adult pornography.

  3. Fueling it with more of that content won’t do any good.

I asked for a source for these claims because obviously you didn't just come up with this yourself, so I'm assuming there's some study to back these claims up which I asked you to provide, and instead you gave me a link that even you admitted doesn't talk about any of this.


It’s obviously stated there is psychological help.

From the study you linked:

..healthcare providers must rely on data from international literature. These clearly demonstrate that simple psychotherapies do not lead to a reduction in the risk of reoffending. On the other hand, therapies such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and, even more so, the combination of CBT with pharmacotherapy targeting hormones, significantly reduces the risk of reoffending.

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I have not once called it CG porn.

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Then why do you link that if it has almost nothing to do with what we're discussing here?

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You mind quoting the part where it talks about the role of adult pornography and how fueling this "addiction" makes it worse?

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And what if CG porn is that help

That's not claiming it is benefical. It's entertaining the idea that what if it is.

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I assume it increases it then since you're so opposed to it

I’d love if you could cite your evidence.

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Mind linking the study you're refering here?

Majority of pedofiles never offend and most of the people in jail for child abuse are plain old rapists with no particular interest in kids per se, they're just an easy target.

This is the same old "violent games makes people violent" -argument all over again.

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Yes and removable battery aswell.

Choosing a new phone has been rather easy, since about once every 5 years someone makes one model that loosely fits the criteria.

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It's kinda crazy sometimes, how I notice I've been thinking the same thought for minutes. I don't think I have ADHD, but probably ADD, my mind is just all over the place through the day, but after a bowl it all just calms down. Kinda like a group of people organizing into a queue.

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Even there the house is a bit too large for me. That carage is nice though

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Many users vote based on emotions here. I often see well written comments with the sources linked and everything, being downvoted, and some low effort reply with an opinion is upvoted, though factually incorrect.

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Saako täällä mitenkään ladattua koko viestihistoriaa teksitiedostona mieluiten siten, että siinä olisi pelkästään viestit ilman mitään timestamppeja etc.

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Voiko tuollaisen perus 5€ vuorokausiajastimen pistää lämminvesivaraajan töpseliin, että voisi vähän enempi hyötyä halvemmasta yösähköstä? 2KW näyttäisi olevan varaajassa tehoa ja Opalin ajastin tuotetietojen mukaan kestää 3.5KW. Kyseessä on siis aivan tuollainen töpseli seinään varaaja missä ei ole kuin lämpötilansäätönuppi.

Mitenköhän pitkään tuollaisen 100 litran varaajan ylipäätään edes tarvitsee olla päällä vuorokaudessa? Kahden hengen käytössä ei ole vielä ainakaan koskaan loppunut kesken.

Jostain tässä on pakko koittaa säästää kun tuntuu inflaatio kumoavan kaikki jo käytetyt konstit..

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To be fair I still do these things but only when I'm alone.

Personally I love finding big puddles and then dig drains with a stick or my heel and watch the water flow.

Also love to throw a piece of wood into water and then toss stones high up in the air and try hit it imagining it's a warship I'm trying to bomb.

Then also without going into details there are some pieces of clothing I would like to wear but don't because they're considered femine or gay.

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As a compliment to the thread about near death experiences I'd really like hearing people's experiences of losing consciousness under general anesthesia and what's it like coming back.

Also interested of things anesthetists may have noticed about this during their career.

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I think that living in a constant fear or being attacked is something many people don't think about. As someone who regularly spends time alone in the woods at night I know how your minds start playing tricks on you and it can get quite intense and scary even though you know it's just animals out there. Just imagine trying to sleep in a abandoned house and then hearing a zombie walk outside. Even if you made sure that location is as safe as it can be that's still going to be terrifying as hell.

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I use these alteast 3 times a week while mountain biking. Fits my foot like a glove and still holds water. Hands down the best shoes I've ever had.

One thing to note though is that these are not for winter use. The rubber gets hard in cold weather and has zero grip on ice and I truly mean zero. Ask me how I know lol

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I guess I'll go first:

  • I stayed home for the first few weeks and waited out the worst chaos
  • I was prepaired enough that I could stay at home
  • I own a 4x4 truck and had several spare canisters of fuel which enabled me to bug out eventually with all my gear and no need to stop looking for fuel
  • I stayed away from malls, supermarkets, gas stations and other hotspots
  • Every time I encountered a zombie I ran away instead of fighting it
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Lets assume we develop the capacity to create virtual worlds that are near indistinguishable from the real world. We hook you up into a machine and you now find yourself in what effectively is a paraller reality where you get to be the king of your own universe (if you so desire). Nothing is off limits - everything you've ever dreamt of is possible. You can be the only person there, you can populate it with unconscious AI that appears consciouss or you can have other people visit your world and you can visit theirs aswell as spend time in "public worlds" with millions of other real people.

Would you try it and do you think you'd prefer it over real world? Do you see it as a negative from individual perspective if significant part of the population basically spend their entire lives there?

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Personally I've got enough food stored at home to survive the initial phase but if not I'd probably rather try to raid abandoned private homes instead of heading to the closest grocery store. I believe it's wise to avoid hotspots like that especially in the beginning.

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I'd feel the safest somewhere off the ground. Second floor of a building with the stairs blocked/destroyed or perhaps in a hammock high up in a tree. I don't think I could fall asleep knowing they could just sneak up on and grab me

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I'm a bit torn between a splitting axe and a mace/morning star of some sort.

An axe offers better penetration and is useful for other tasks aswell but perhaps posseses greater risk of getting stuck. A mace is not as versatile but is highly effecive when making direct contact with the skull and is unlikely to get stuck. A mace is also easier to improvise and customize for individual preferences.

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