[-] Theta775 1 points 2 months ago

I did some light research on the topic, and the guy he called a pedo tried to sue for defamation and lost. Classic US judicial system.

[-] Theta775 5 points 2 months ago

perhaps I have been living under a rock... what's the story?

[-] Theta775 12 points 4 months ago

username DEFINITELY checks out

[-] Theta775 7 points 9 months ago

I'm sure they still exist, and I know there are apps that can emulate one on an AMOLED display.

[-] Theta775 4 points 9 months ago

My sister does and I cannot understand it

[-] Theta775 9 points 9 months ago

Somebody's gotta do it. Similar with Putin.

[-] Theta775 3 points 10 months ago

so does Windows 7


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