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Of the UK? Not as often as we'd like. This one particular circumstance it would have made sense to have a map of UK & Ireland though, as by removing land from a map of lighthouses... well, rocks rarely respect exclusive economic zones.

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I'm pretty sure none of these people would deny that two Hindus are married, or that they'd say Mohammed married a 9 year old. They recognise every marriage as a marriage except these specific ones.

[-] [email protected] 19 points 1 day ago

Bond is, traditionally, racist and misogynist. Throw in autism and he'd be a 4chan regular

[-] [email protected] 27 points 4 days ago

Oh brother, if you're working, you're poor.

[-] [email protected] 27 points 6 days ago* (last edited 6 days ago)

Is it the Norwegian guy?

Edit: Yes it's the Norwegian guy. He does this every year. Also his nominations are invalid. You're not allowed to publicise that you've nominated someone. Nominations are secret, they never announce that someone who was nominated "didn't win". I wish people would stop feeding this troll every year.

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And famously, once you kill enough terrorists and take enough land, the rest sort of say "OK fair dues" and there are no more terrorists ever

[-] [email protected] 11 points 1 week ago

And the post title then saying "USDA statement" is pathetic. Lemmy's picking up big sister's habits so quickly.

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I love the sentiment, but also, then choosing famously the first untethered spacewalk for the photo. Why even put tethered in there.

Has anyone got something more productive for me to overthink please

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This, Starfield winning 'innovation', Cities Skylines 2 winning 'strategy' - pretty sure the infamous hacker known as 4chan was behind this.

[-] [email protected] 72 points 4 months ago

"But it's haaaaaard" - the response to every minor challenge in America since landing on the fucking Moon

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Would it mean that a malicious application being run in non-admin mode by one user could see data/memory in use by an admin user?

[-] [email protected] 61 points 6 months ago

As in DVDs or Blu Rays?

Computers running for hours just downloading, servers running hot to share the files, extra bandwidth in use - certainly not free.

But in contrast to producing optical media, burning data onto it, printing a cover, sticking it in a plastic box, sticking that plastic box in a larger box with polystyrene peanuts, putting that box with other boxes on a pallet, wrapping them in shrink wrap, flying them across the world, discarding the wrap, breaking down the pallet, driving individual boxes around a region, having an employee come to the store early by car to unload boxes, and have them put individual game cases on display on metal shelves and then lighting and air-conditioning said game cases for a few weeks until they're all sold to customers who drive to and from the store, and then run it on their local computer... Download has got to be more efficient. Certainly when most games then have an update to the disc version already required to download by the time the customer gets home.

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