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Always gotta love when the villains fight smart and dirty

"Moral" dilemma (ttrpg.network)
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To be fair to Barbarian, the guy was a werewolf and Barbarian is racist against werewolves.

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Always happy to see a page of this comic

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I still got videos with titles like "Five Rule Changes that PROVE One D&D just return of Fourth Edition" or "Did Pathfinder 2e Remastered steal these rules from Fourth Edition?". Like a new clickabit fad, declare everything 4e or something.

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og TSR was the one publishing 1st edition.

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Despite Margareth Weiss and Tracy Hickman's statement that Krynn has no Lycathropes, Orcs or Drow, TSR would publish a werewolf adventure placed near Daggard Keep in First Edition supplement World of Krynn. I lowkey suspect the Krynnish part of Vecna: Eve of Ruin was a reference to that.

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I think one way I have seen was to at first session get list of few details about PCs, then pull out an adventure based on it. Eg. If your cleric told you there is a food his religion forbids, he is suddenly ordered to deal with a heretic who argues othertwise.

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Lessons Learned:

  1. Despite entire fandom constantly talking about the Chaos Gods and threat Chaos poses, most of the Imperial Guard aren't supposed to know anything about it, less alone the specific names.
  2. Despite their enemeis in Sabbath participating commonly in diablerie and fandom making big deal out of what an unforgivable crime it is, it is not something an average Vampire of Carmarilla knows about in any way.
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Wow, that last comment sure sounds dismissive and kinda rude of the person who tried to paint the franchise in a non-mocking light.

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On my last session of d&d combat took too long and I had to apologize for it to my players. One player, who is a Pathfinder 2e player, said it's nothing compared to long fights he had in that system, where between party of high level casters, boss, minions and enemy spellcasters, he would be waiting a whole hour for his next turn. I certainly want to at least have one Pathfinder 2e campaign among options to present to this group after we finish current one, so how much is this a general problem and not his group's problem and are there some ways to avoid this long combat?

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I have a player who is also very clearly there to be vibin with the friends. She's an elderly lady, who I had trouble adjust to because she will pivot to most simple playstyle possible (when she was playing Bard/Rogue she would each turn do sneak attack plus healing word and ignore other spells or bardic inspiration) and ignores plot hooks I place for her. It took me time to realize she is there to hang out with her friends and I don't have to press her to participate more, she is having fun just being in the group and watch others roleplay. She is okay to play any rpg, however, not just d&d. I actually plan to ask her, after we finish this campaign, to try moving to my other group, which plays more narrative games, as I see she struggles with d&d ruless.

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I see Hunter the Parenting becomes great source of WoD memes

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You never know if vampires aren't witholding blenders from being sold at 99p store

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The issue with the rolls arises when you have modifiers (like skills), which are in percentage, so you need to sum them up and then cover result and apply it to the roll. Oh and also, you apply Difficulty Levels to your relevant attribute, which are really weird. Easy is -2, Average is 0, Problematic is -2, but then Hard is -5, Damn Hard is -11 and Lucky is -15

So in theory your action should be "roll 3d20, see if you have two successes under relevant attribute" but in practice it's "add DL to your attribute. Sum up all the modifiers, then convert the sum to a percentage of 20.Roll 3d20. Apply the number you got to the roll results. If two or more results are equal or lesser than Attribute, you succeed, othertwise you fail".

And THEN you add complex rules for every single minutia thing on top of it. Or lack of rules for things that were deemed to important, because those were relegated to one of many, many expansions.

Oh and in combat you instead roll a d20, and you need 3 different d20's for 3 different phases of combat.

And then you add the poorly organized book, sometimes contradicting itself (eg. you are supposed to fill a questionnaire to explain character's concept and what they do BEFORE rolling dice in order for your attributes)

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To be fair, even Neuroshima fans think this book only comes out to capitalize on Fallout show's popularity, everyone sees it as a cashgrab.

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Well, that's one way to make your villain despicable. I need to use it in my games one day

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I would usually be sad to see another original RPG go 5e compatible but Neuroshima was infamously poorly designed ruleset, possibly worse than Shadowrun. I probably won't be running it, but may steal statblocks for my 5e game if I need weird stuff again.

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