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YouTube to MP3.


Opens envelope and blows into it, pulling out a card

What are some fun beginner crimes for someone getting into lawlessness?

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I spent way too long trying to figure out who was attacked in Georgia at a gig.

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Reasonable question! It was a sub called "the_donald". It started with a bunch of folks saying outrageous things that were satirizing Trump and his followers. Unfortunately it wasn't outrageous enough because it was slowly taken over by true believers who spouted the same outrageous shit because they actually believed it.

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That's such a Virgo thing to say.

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I got suspicious when Granny started saying shit like "As an AI Language Model I cannot make sweet potato pie".

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I use bacon grease and beef tallow for almost all of my frying. The only side effect I've had is that I no longer bleed when getting shot because my arteries have become bulletproof. It's like a superpower.

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I thought it was Eric the Paladin. I remember because I have a ttrpg friend named Eric who we mocked in a friendly way about that story.

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I made a comment the other day saying pretty much the same thing about "respect" and "tolerance". All three have multiple definitions that certain types of people, knowingly or unknowingly, use to their advantage to push an agenda. Generally the types of people I'm talking about are either evil (doing it purposefully) or very stupid (parroting others because they have no argument on their own) and in all cases they're being shitty and think it means they win.

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In addition, the word "theory" has a well known definition in the world of science. It also has a layman's definition. Those two things are completely separate.

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Mandy, from 2018, and Willy's Wonderland. Not officially a trilogy as far as I know.

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  1. Or they're saying vote for the "WiFi causes leaky brain" guy which is the same thing as not voting. Although they're saying that less once he started getting made fun of for having brain worms.
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Because that's what gives Santa immortality.

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