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I use gender they/them in that case! If I know the person's gender I will use it, but if it's ambiguous I'll stick to they/them.

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Stop. My Penis Can Only Get So Erect. - the good'ole'boy indie voters.

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Well they shouldn't have that to begin with anyway.

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You can be upset about it, it doesn't change the fact that it IS called AI. Also the meaning of words change constantly.

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Not enough uses for sure. I canceled all the shitty ones once they implemented these stupid as fuck changes.

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It's called AI even if it isn't artificial intelligence, it's unfortunately how language works. Like how literally has been redefined to mean figuratively.

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What a fucking incoherent word salad.

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Sounds like Florida's law about Mexicans, and then poof, all the Mexicans left Florida.

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Looking at John's art work, the guy must have had the worst nightmares.

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Damn, you beat me to it haha.

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