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That's what yawning is for. It cools your brain.

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We would also need the government to pay for half of the cost to build the cars. That's what China is doing and why the cars are so cheap.

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Some also do have specific use cases where they work really well, like Tea Tree Oil for acne and nail fungus or Peppermint oil for nausea. Most of them don't do anything though.

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50GB for the simple dual layer discs. You can theoretically reach 100GB with triple layer disks. The largest BDRip I have is 90GB for the Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Edit: UHD Blu-ray only supports dual and triple layer disks, not quad. Quad layer discs do exist though, with up to 128GB of capacity.

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What's the point of a thick leather wallet though? I got one of those ultrathin and ultralight wallets like 7 years ago. Still in perfect condition vs when I had a leather wallet that looked like crap after 2 years and it's so much nicer to carry around.

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I've been using a Raspberry Pi 400 with LibreELEC installed. Mostly watch 4K HDR Blu-ray Remuxes that I have on another machine with a Samba server. Works really well for me.

Another good option would be to have Jellyfin on a media server and cast to the TV or use the TV directly if it has a Jellyfin app (I know there are official apps for Roku and WebOS (LG)). Jellyfin is similar to Plex but open-source and fully local (no need for an external account).

Of course, this is only works for local media. For streaming, just use a Chromecast.

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Mainly because Steam actually provides a really good quality service. Most corporations over time charge more while getting worse on quality. People can sell their games for cheaper on Epic which only has a 12% fee, but Epic's service is much worse.

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They don't really though. They're talking about selling steam keys in a different platform, not selling the game on a different platform (like Epic Games for instance). You can sell the game for cheaper on Epic or GOG if you want to.

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None of this money is actually going to Ukraine. It goes to military companies like Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, who then send military equipment to Ukraine. We know exactly where the money is going.

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I can't find this anywhere else. I think it's fake.

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No mention of a press release in that article

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I can't find it on the white house press releases page. I think it's fake:

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