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Too much rock

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Especially taking in consideration how cheap it all is

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Have you tried alternating that with a run in the park

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Movie is shit, the more recent one is ok but still nothing does justice to the show XD

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Can't smoke weed

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Russian delegation yes, Putin prob no, unless previous agreed upon

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Neither was Tibet, sooo let's see how this goes

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I think they are calling them weak. I figured it would be but when you put it in comparison we are almost there but not quite to the same level

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Sir I came here to upvote you and I was not disappointed

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No no I was agreeing with you. They try to negotiate, all the Icelander see is 30 strangers in their property...end badly

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Language barrier makes it harder to ask for help

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I was playing DnD with my friends, but unfortunately we are retarded get distracted easy so the whole game we would move nothing.

We decided to remove some of the habilities rolls in orders to make it faster, and it worked. The game was finally moving, and the storyline was progressing like a normal game.

This was all about 2 months ago, nowa few days ago they wanted them back, when I started asking why, they would say shit like:" My character is better now"....

Bro just me an the DM where like...but we did it for the time you fucks. Don't you remember?.....

Either way, we voted they won, we played 3 hrs of game and nothing happened we did almost nothing.

GUESS WHAT, we ended up back to o removing some rolls..... Dude they just didn't remember, and that was an 2months ago

They aren't specially stupid, most of them are average intelligence , but they forget.

I'm afraid that so has America, and we end up with this cunt as president.....fuck me

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Already bought my ticket in air Canada, let's hope the service is maintained. I demand to be sitting on nothing less then dog barf.


Right now in trying to figure out how to create a sub to bring PORTUGALCYKABLYAT back. I'm sure someone has asked this question, but I can't even find it.

Do I have to scroll down until I do?


Like wtf, I didn't even know moderators could threaten you

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